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Here's A Few Of The Things You'll Discover If Your Application Is Successful...

  • How to FINALLY find your perfect prospect who is interested in your offer WITHOUT wasting tons of time speaking to the wrong type of lead ANYMORE!
  • How you should structure your business to deliver the maximum impact on your business and the results your clients get
  • Discover how you can easily create a multi-six to seven figure business speaking to just one lead per day...no more wasting time talking to poorly-qualified leads that have no intention of buying from you
  • How to turn Ice-cold traffic into buyers who are happy to invest $3,000 to $10,000 in you products or services in less than 24 hours
  • Easily sell without being Salesy or resorting to “sleazy”, out-dated sales techniques that will alienate your prospects
  • How to finally earn what you are truly worth WITHOUT having to work 1-2-1 with clients anymore
  • How to never have work with the wrong type clients ever again using this "set-and-forget" strategy

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Please ONLY Apply If...

  • You Are FULLY Committed To Taking Massive Action & A Burning Desire to Get Amazing Results for You & Your Clients
  • You Are Willing To Grow, Learn, Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone & Make the Necessary Changes
  • You Are Accountable & Willing To Take Personal Responsibility for Your Success
  • You Are An "A" Player With A "Kick-Ass" Attitude
  • You Have The Tenacity & Resilience To Achieve Your Goals, Even When The Going Gets Tough.

Please DON'T Apply If...

  • You Have an Inferior or Sub-Standard Product or Service
  • You Put Your Own Needs First AT the Detriment of Your Clients
  • You Don’t Have the Necessary Funds to Invest In the Growth of Your Business
  • You Are Lazy, Dishonest or Lack Commitment
  • You Blame Others for the Lack of Your Success & Never Hold Yourself Accountable
  • You Are A “Know-It-All” Who Is Unwilling to Learn, Take Action or Change (i.e. A Pain in the Ass!)
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Results Our Clients Are Getting...

Recent Client Case Studies...

  • From being barely profitable TO Generating just under £2m in sales
  • From having an inconsistent and expensive lead flow that didn't convert well TO converting 25% into a £7,500 program
  • From having 4 full-time sales staff TO ONLY 1 full-time and 1 part-time saving over £100,000 p.a

  • From having a huge churn rate of 43% on a $97 monthly membership TO Generating $300,000 a month in sales from just 100 paying members
  • From not being able to attract leads TO now averaging 25 highly qualified leads every single day
  • From clients getting poor results TO now having a massive +ve impact on their client bottom line and the results they are getting

  • From averaging sales of $30-$40,000 a month TO  last month generating a record-breaking $228,000
  • From barely breaking even TO making a profit of over $750,000
  • From having several different product offers TO having just 2 products starting at $5,000

Clarity To Make The Right Decision...

Damian will personally talk to you on the call. We’ll dive deep into your business, see what’s working, what’s not working and more importantly how to quickly fix it!

At the end of the call we want you to walk away with absolute clarity about these things:-

  • Would an Automated Webinar funnel be suitable for your business
  • How much you should be charging for your products or services - most business owner vastly undercharge and are leaving a ton of profits on the table
  • How and where to find your ideal target audience
  • What the perfect strategy would be for YOU and YOUR business to achieve you goals in the quickest time possible WITHOUT having to sacrifice your personal freedom

Since Damian does all of these discovery calls personally (there are far more of you than there is of him) spaces are strictly limited on a first-come-first-served basis. Apply now so you don’t miss out

Want Even More Proof...?

Damian has helped turn our business from being barely profitable to last month generating $228,000 in sales!

Jarratt Davis
Jarratt Davis JarrattDavis.com

Damian has completely re-built our customer client process. Now me and my team speak get to speak to the hottest leads first (and FAST). This has had a huge impact on our profitability and cash-flow. We are now able to scale the business.

Jordan Yaffe
Jordan Yaffe Mayweather Estates Ltd

I have known Damian and worked with his team now for the last couple of years. There is no-one I can think who is more knowledgeable about building profitable sales funnels than him. It's always a pleasure working with him.

Tom Breeze
Tom Breeze Viewability

Finally we are generating high-quality leads at an affordable price!

Jamie Wigglesworth
Jamie Wigglesworth Destination Dental

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