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Jordan Yaffe, Mayweather Estates

I just went through this camapaign and loved it! Got loads of new ideas of how I can start using Infusionsoft more effectively in my business. If you are relying just on email in your marketing you are leaving a ton of money on the table!!

Dwayne Squires, Property Result

Damian has been helping us with our Infusionsoft & Facebook campaigns now for over 18 months. We have tried several Infusionsoft Certified Partners before we were recommended him by one of our associates. None of them have the unique skill set of being a top-notch marketer PLUS an automation "NINJA". I love this campaign. We have already started implementing a couple of techniques that have accounted for boost in front end conversions by 23.6% and increasing front end customer value by 58%. Can't wait to try the rest!!

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