Being Omnipresent In Your Market

Do you know what being “Omnipresent” means?… If you don't I'll explain more shortly

You can often get away with poor marketing when you’ve got all the sales you can handle.

It’s when the market slows down that poor marketing becomes more obvious!

Being Omnipresent

As a customer, that’s when you notice who actually takes the time to follow up with you.

After all, how many companies do you frequently buy from – but never hear from?

Probably Quite A Few?

As Dan Kennedy says, the companies that thrive during a recession are the ones that follow up the most. And not just the most often, but also in most channels. Dan calls this being ‘omnipresent’.

Of course, being ‘omnipresent’ is expensive. You don’t want to be omnipresent to every contact in your database. Only to your hottest prospects.

Perry Marshall has a model for this called ‘The Maze’.

New potential customers enter your ‘maze’ when they opt-in.

What Does Your Marketing Maze Look Like?

The messages they receive then depend on their actions. (As you probably can guess I use Infusionsoft to do this for me!)

  • Did they view a key sales page?
  • Did they register for a webinar?
  • Did they show up to the webinar?
  • Did they answer a profiling question on your opt-in form?
  • Did they give you a mailing address?

You only want to spend real money following up with qualified, interested prospects. You only want to be ‘omnipresent’ to a slice of your list.

Do you have marketing automation systems in place to do that?

Or do you just follow up with everyone in the same way? Do you batch and blast emails, accepting a 15% open rate as “good enough?”

I’m in no way an economic forecaster. But IF a recession were to hit your business, would you be prepared?

Do you have follow-up systems in place to automatically segment and follow up with your best customers?

That’s the work we’re doing here. I believe it’s worth doing now.

Want to discuss your current marketing follow-up systems? Book a call and I'll give you an honest assessment.


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