BOOK REVIEW - 3 Months to No.1

3 Months To No. 1, Will Coombe

The No-Nonsense Playbook

By Will Coombe

3 Months to No.1 is an ambitious book written to help beginners how to take control of their business' Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. Choosing the best keywords to focus on and achieving a number one ranking.

Our Review

Here’s a quick video review of a book I’ve just finished reading called Three Months to Number One. Now it’s a book by Will Coombe who is a SEO (search engine optimization) expert.

Now, SEO is one of those things, which over the years has lost its favor. It’s become much more difficult to master and there’s been such a lot of penalties with Google’s algorithm, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult and a lot of people have actually sort of dismissed SEO as a way of generating traffic. I used to spend a lot of time doing SEO. I had my own agency for a couple of years doing SEO for both myself and for clients. What I think Will’s done, which is quite different, I’ve read quite a few SEO books recently, is he’s broke it down into very, very simple to understand chunks that can be literally done over on a weekly basis.

What I really liked about the book is it gives you a step-by-step plan of keyword research, what you should be doing on a week-by-week basis to get the best chance of getting your site ranked in the search engines. Now, free traffic from SEO, there’s no such thing and it’s bit of a fallacy. There’s no such thing as free traffic in my mind. You actually pay for it by either time or money. Now, SEO is a time-based way of generating traffic, but should definitely, depending on what sort of market you’re in, and this works brilliantly for local businesses, it should be something you should consider. So what I really love about the book is the step-by-step takes you through what keywords you need to do, because again, this is one of the most important things people get wrong, is they pick the wrong key words, which may bring traffic, but it’s not bringing the right sort of traffic. So that is the, the backbone and the pillar, and foundation of good search engine optimization.

Very easy to follow. I’ve picked up some great tips myself. I’m pretty good at SEO and I’ve been studying it for a number of years, but I really like what Will has done. It really simplifies the process and makes it easy for newbie’s, beginners to follow it and get some real results from SEO in their own business.

Key Points

  • Broken down into simple chunks
  • Step by step plan of keyword research
  • Easy for beginners to follow

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