Ask, Ryan Levesque

The Counterintuitive Online Method to Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy...

By Ryan Levesque

 . . . Create a Mass of Raving Fans . . . and Take Any Business to the Next Level

The go-to guide for small-business owners and entrepreneurs to discover exactly what consumers want to buy and how to get it to them.

In this best-selling book, Ryan Levesque lays out his proven, repeatable, yet slightly counterintuitive, a methodology for understanding the core wants and motivations of your customer.


Our Review

Today’s book review is a book called Ask by Ryan Levesque, and this is probably, again, one of my favorite books. I’ve read it several times. The book really is about how to find better ways to market and communicate with your audience by asking questions. If I could define what it is in two or three sentences, that’s what it’s about. Obviously it goes into much more depth about that. Now, what Ryan does really, really well is basically as people come into, say your sales funnel or any marketing or communication if you can find out some information about them to then segment that audience further.

It’s something we’ve looked in some of my Infusionsoft training where we just ask a simple question, again with one of the examples I shared which I’ll link in this blog post, is by just simply asking a question, a yes or no question.

Let me just grab a pen here and I’ll just show you what I mean. Let me just grab a quick pen here. So, if we have an opt-in form here and we just got two questions, simple yes or no, and then people answer no… People answer yes you go one way, and if they answer no they go another way. So, let me give you an example of that.

If say in my business I ask people when they opt into my list, are they an Infusionsoft user? And they’ll either answer yes or no. If they answer yes, I push them in a different direction. My marketing messages are completely different to them than someone who’s mentioned no.

The avatar, the type of person they are, the type of questions that are going on in their mind are totally different. And Ryan does this really, really well in a much more detailed way, creating surveys and then literally tailoring responses based on the feedback that people give you. So, definitely recommended, easy to follow, some great examples in it, and one you should be putting in your book list to review for yourself in the very near future.

Key Points

  • This stuff works
  • Great examples for lots of different industries
  • Easy to read and implement

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