BOOK REVIEW - B2B LinkedIn Content Marketing

B2B LinkedIn Content Marketing, Ricardo Ghekiere, Andei Zinkevich

How to attract and nurture high quality B2B leads from scratch

By Ricard Ghekiere and Andrei Zinkevich

B2B LinkedIn Content Marketing proves Ricardo and Andrei are absolute real experts on LinkedIn. In this book they share their expertise in an easy to follow, logical way.

Our Review

I just wanted to provide a quick video review of a book I’ve just finished reading, which is B2B, LinkedIn Content Marketing.

Now LinkedIn, if you are not using it, if you’re a B2B, that’s a business to business-based business, then this is something and LinkedIn is something you definitely should be using as part of your strategy. I’ve always found, and maybe it’s me, that LinkedIn has always never been widely communicated about of how to do the correct strategies to do something effectively to build your business on LinkedIn. Now the authors, I think the two, Ricardo and Andrei are absolute real experts on it. It’s a proven framework. I’ve gone through this and I’m reading quite a few books on LinkedIn at the moment and this is probably one of my favorite.

Now when I looked at the book cover, it’s not probably the most inspiring of book covers, but there are some fantastic tips, tricks, techniques that you can start using to use LinkedIn. And with anything like SEO, LinkedIn, social media, it really is a long game. This is something that is not a quick fix. LinkedIn, like any long-term strategy is something you’re going to have to work on and be consistent with it. So it really helps you plan out a calendar of what you’re going to do, how are you going to do it, what sort of things people want. So you start building engagement on your social media, LinkedIn platform.

So experience level, I would say it’s a beginner to intermediate, very easy to follow, very well written, easy to understand. And something that if you have not started using LinkedIn for any reason, it would be a great foundation starting place to start getting some tips and tricks to get you going and getting some real results on LinkedIn because it can be a gold mine.

I’ve just started using LinkedIn a little bit on my business and already I’ve got a couple of leads come in, really high quality leads of people. And I’ve not been doing it consistently and maybe those results aren’t typical or whatever, but when I started putting a little bit of effort into it, the results came quite quickly. Now, it is a longterm play, as I say, but it’s something definitely you want to start using if you want to try and build your LinkedIn presence and B2B selling via the absolutely best platform for B2B.

Key Points

  • Fantastic tips, tricks and techniques
  • Helps plan out an activity calendar
  • Easy to follow and well written

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