BOOK REVIEW - Creative Blindness

Creative Blindness - Dave Trott

And How To Cure It

By Dave Trott

Creativity is all around us. Not in art galleries. But on the train, at work, in the street outside, and in schools, hospitals, and restaurants. Creative vision exists wherever people are.

In this entertaining collection of real-life stories, Dave Trott applies his crystal clear lens to define what genuine creative vision looks like. It is problem-solving, clarity of thought, seeing what others do not see, and removing complexity to make things as simple as you can.

The timeless lessons revealed here can be applied in advertising, business, and throughout everyday life. By seeing things differently, you can think differently, and change the world around you.

Dave Trott shows you how.


Our Review

In a time where we are surrounded by instant news, social media, believing everything we read and having our digital footprint followed we are stifling the creativity that is all around us. This is exactly what Creative Blindness sets out to do, unshackle creativity. Look up, look around and take in what you see. Most importantly, describe it as you see it. Dave Trott shares his views and unique inspirations for great copywriting in this outstanding book Creative Blindness.

Key Points

  • Insightful
  • Inspiring
  • Humorous

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