BOOK REVIEW - How To Write Better Copy

How To Write Better Copy, Steve Harrison

Concise Introductions to the Topics that Matter

By Steve Harrison

How to write better copy is an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide to writing copy that gets noticed, engaged with and acted upon

Whether you're a freelance writer drumming up business from clients, an entrepreneur trying to get new leads and more sales, an agency creative in need of inspiration, or you simply want to persuade someone to adopt your point of view, this book will help you write copy that works.

how to: write better copy teaches you to stop and think about how best to appeal to your reader before you begin, how to make your writing interesting, and how to create the brief and plan your copy. Then it takes you step-by-step from writing the perfect headline through to getting the response you want.

With examples at every stage, and explanations based on both the author's twenty-five years' experience and recent scientific research, this book will hone your skills – no matter whether you're writing web pages or press ads, e-zines or direct mail, posters or landing pages, newsletters or emails, brochures or blogs.

Steve Harrison is a former global creative director and an award-winning copywriter.

Our Review

How To Write Better Copy is a go-to book for me. It is too easy sometimes, to just sit and write copy that flows naturally from your own creativity and viewpoint. But, sometimes your viewpoint isn’t what is needed. You need to write to appeal to your reader and that is what this book reminds me to do. STOP. THINK. STRUCTURE. WRITE.

Key Points

  • Easy to read
  • Clear thought process and structure
  • Proven copy that works

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