BOOK REVIEW - One Hour Content Plan

One Hour Content Plan

The Solopreneur's Guide to a Year's Worth of Blog Ideas in 60 Minutes

By Meera Kothand

Unlock Countless Content Ideas. 

One Hour Content Plan – Unlock Countless Content Ideas. Sell Your Products And Services With Ease. Get Your Content to Work Harder For You.

Our Review

Does any of this sound like you?

1. You NEVER know what to write

On most days you struggle to come up with blog post ideas and haven’t planned in advance what your content is going to be about. You’re always looking to fill a publishing queue.

2. You chase after content trends

You go after what you think will make your post go viral or get more shares. There isn’t necessarily a thread in any of your content pieces.

3. Your content doesn’t have a strong link to the products or services you offer

You’re not sure how to create content to promote your products or services.

If you’re nodding yes to any of the above, The 1- Hour Content Plan will help you generate COUNTLESS ideas. To be exact, a full year’s worth of traffic building and sales boosting content ideas in 60 minutes or less.

Here’s what’s packed in this how-to guide: 

  • Three core ways to INSTANTLY generate content ideas with ease. Ditch the content overwhelm and never ever struggle with what to write again.
  • 5 types of content that will inch your subscriber towards becoming a buyer and sell your products and services with ease. (And why you need ALL five!) 
  • The fastest way to determine your BRAND VOICE so that you create content that fits you like a glove. No “whishy-washy” ideas. No guessing.
  • 8 MUST-NOT neglect elements that either make or break your blog posts and how to optimize each of them.
  • The trap that bloggers and solopreneurs fall into with producing content and how ways to HOOK more eyeballs on your content.

Imagine for a minute how your blog and business would change if you NEVER run out of blog post ideas

You know exactly what to create, when and what results it’ll drive.

Your offers (paid and free) become SEDUCTIVE magnets of YES! that readers cannot resist.

Every single piece of content has a purpose in growing your blog and business, sells your products and services for you and builds your online presence…

That’s the power of a content strategy and the promise behind the ‘One Hour Content Plan.’

A really, really excellent, easy to follow book. And I think one of the problems that as business owners, we become very overwhelmed by what we should be doing in terms of a content plan for our business. Now Meera, in her book, really brings that into a simple step by step stages.

How to write a copy, how to plan it really. I know so times I’ve tried to implement a copy plan, a content plan for my business, and literally drawn a blank.

I look at my piece of paper or my spreadsheet, my Google doc, whatever it might be, and I’m scratching my head trying to come up for ideas. So what Meera’s book really helps with is, how to brainstorm ideas, how to lay them out in a timetable, a content calendar for the year, and how to come up with really good ideas.

No More Boring Blog Posts

So many times I’ve thought of things which would make a good blog post, a good video, things like that. And I’ve forgotten about them. So not only that, it helps you write really good blog posts as well.

So many times a blog post can be really uninteresting, loses the reader very early on. There’s an excellent chapter in the book on how to write an excellent blog post and I think that is well worth the money of the book so far. So it’s an easy read, I read it in an afternoon. Very practical, lots of stuff to implement straight away. And I think it just opens up your eyes to the possibilities of content because as they say, content is king.

So, you should be using, or have, your own content plan set out for the year. Something so easy to overlook, but with this book, you should be able to do it pretty straightforward and pretty quickly.

Key Points

  • A clear content plan to follow and implement
  • Practical advice on how to create a successful content plan without overwhelm
  • Tons of examples

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