BOOK REVIEW - Outrageous Advertising

outrageous advertising

Multi-step Marketing Campaigns That Are Outrageously Successful

By Bill Glazer

Created for the 99% of Business Owners Who Want to Change Their Good Business Into a GREAT Business!

You'll find some of the most inspiring (and outrageous) advertising campaigns ever in this book. Don't dismiss how “wacky” they may seem. The #1 thing to remember is OUTRAGEOUS = ATTENTION GRABBING…

Our Review

In today’s book review, I’m going to be reviewing a book that I’ve just finished reading called Outrageous Multi-step Marketing Campaigns that are Outrageously Successful By Bill Glazer.

That’s quite a mouthful.

Now, if you don’t know who Bill Glazer is, he’s one of the business partners of Dan Kennedy’s, DKIM Dan Kennedy‘s in a mastermind, something like that, I can’t remember the exact phrase.

Bill has got a really colorful past. He actually was brought up in his father’s clothes shop in America and hit really hard times in the eighties like so many businesses did.

Lots of businesses closed down in the area and what Bill did, he decided to really flip advertising on its head. Instead of the very slick, smooth advertising, which is what we probably associate with brand advertising, he went down a much more direct response route. Not only that, what he did do is do some really outrageous… And I think that’s a really good description of what the book is about, advertising techniques.

He is a big proponent of direct mail. The results from what he did for his own store… They became, I think, the only story, I think it was in Baltimore in America where the shop was based, he became a nationwide consultant for people in the men’s wear and clothing shop industry retailers. And some of the campaigns are just fantastic.

Now what I would say is read this book and have a very open mind, and then probably read it again and start thinking of how you could apply some of these techniques for your business. It might make you feel a little bit uncomfortable, what he’s suggesting in here in terms of… It is outrageous, some of the things where he’s dressed up, I think it’s in his other book, which I’m going to review shortly.

A Straight Jacket!

He’s dressed up in a straight jacket, really fun stuff actually. And what he says in the book is one of the most enjoyable things about doing outrageous advertising is it’s fun.

Now, why would you do outrageous advertising in the first place? Well, outrageous advertising gets noticed. It gets read, it gets opened because it’s totally different from the mainstream, and that is the number one takeaway I’d get from this. Go out a little bit outside your comfort zone when you’re trying things. Do things, get some ideas. If you see things in other industries that you could transfer over to your particular industry or business or niche, start thinking of those ideas. Don’t be afraid to test them. Again, it’s very easy to run a test these days and see what the results are.

This Can Actually Be Fun

You don’t have to, like 30, 40 years ago, send a hundred thousand letters out to get a test result. You can do this with very minimum quantities.

So it’s a brilliant book. It’s quite a long book actually. I’ve read it about two or three times now.

It’s about… I don’t know. Three or four… 350 pages, something like that. Some great examples of it here, of stuff you can take away. There is a free CD which tries to upsell them into the Glazer Kennedy inner circle, direct mail or whatever is subscription thing. Well worth it if you’re interested in following up on their works, but definitely something highly recommended.

Brilliant, practical stuff that you’ve probably never seen anywhere before, that you could start applying in your own business.

Key Points

  • Lots of cool real-life examples
  • Fun to read
  • Case Studies

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