BOOK REVIEW - The 16 Word Sales Letter

The 16 Word Sales-Letter, Elvado Alburquerque

A proven method of writing multi-million-dollar copy faster than you ever thought possible

By Evaldo Albuquerque

The 16 Word Sales Letter is a masterclass in copywriting to achieve the results you dream about.

Our Review

Today’s book review is another copywriting book, a really good book, very short.

It’s probably about a hundred pages. Don’t let that fool you in terms of the quality of content that’s in there. The book’s called The 16 Word Sales Letter, and it’s basically, I’ll read the subtype, a proven method to writing multimillion-dollar copy faster than you ever thought possible. This has been written by Evaldo Albuquerque, who is an Agora. If you haven’t heard of Agora, they’re probably one of the most prolific and successful publishing houses, direct copy publishing houses, in lots of different areas from financial books to business opportunities. Lots of different areas they specialize in, and Evaldo developed a formula that was very, very simplistic and outperformed many of the copywriters in the Agora, and they are literally some of the best copywriters in the world that they employ.

When he was asked why he was successful, basically he distilled the contents of his formula. It’s very formulaic, and this is really what the book has distilled into a very simple book. You could probably read it in a couple of hours. There’s not a lot of content. Again, don’t let that fool you. It’s a very, very worthwhile read and a great book for improving your copywriting skills.

Key Points

  • Short Book
  • Great Ideas
  • Easy to read and implement

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