BOOK REVIEW - The Art of the Click

The Art of the Click, Glenn Fisher

How to Harness the Power of Direct-Response Copywriting and Make More Sales

By Glenn Fisher

Every business making sales online is engaged in a battle to get customers to click. More clicks equals more sales equals a more successful business. How do you write copy that will encourage more people to buy from you? How do you persuade customers over the line to make that final buying decision? What is The Art of the Click? The answer lies in the power of direct-response copywriting. In this entertaining and highly readable guide, copywriting expert Glenn Fisher boils down over a decade of experience to present a huge array of techniques, tactics and industry secrets to improve your copywriting, get more clicks… and ultimately, get more sales. You will discover: — The single thing every great writer must do if they want to improve. — How anyone can learn to write a headline that will stop all potential customers in their tracks. — Where to find inspiration and how to feed ideas. — How you can get a customer physically nodding along with every word you write. — How to avoid waffle and make your copy more succinct. — How you can write irresistible offers that no one can refuse. — And much more! Pick up The Art of the Click now to improve your copywriting. You'll soon be wondering how you ever made a sale without it…

Our Review

I’ve read a number of books and countless blog articles on ‘how to…’ guides when it comes to copywriting, and nothing comes close to just how powerful this book is.

Not only is it that, but it’s also super easy to read, plenty of witty English humour (not enough books with this lighter style in my opinion) and packed full of little nuggets of wisdom from Glenn’s experience of working as a professional copywriter for many years!

It’ll guide you through types of copy, but most importantly – what many ‘gurus’ fail to help you with – he SHOWS you how to structure direct response copy. From headlines to testimonials, what works and equally important, what doesn’t.

His examples used in the book of ads, both good and bad, are really helpful to understand how as copywriters, we should be breaking down our copy piece by piece, not being afraid to scrub a bad idea and start again.

Glenn identifies so many ‘tips’ when it comes to the all-important psychology of what sells, what keeps people reading and above all, how to concisely deliver a good idea and make it…HUMAN.

I now see so much ‘copy’ everywhere I go – magazines, banks, the post office, doesn’t matter, but I visualise the process behind the words – the ‘why’ behind the copy, breaking down ideas quickly in your head based off his great tips.

There’s something in here for everyone (not just copywriters) – business owners too…

But as a copywriter AND business owner, it’s been invaluable and I’d have paid double for this price of this book (I’d probably expect a hardback, signed copy though, Glenn. Just kidding).

Get ready to improve your copy, create unemotional ideas into EMOTIONAL SALES COPY…

Key Points

  • Easy to read
  • Excellent, practical and understandable for all levels
  • Top-notch copywriter
  • Exercises to put it into action

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