BOOK REVIEW - The Ultimate Sales Letter

the ultimate sales letter, dan s kennedy

Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales: Attract New Customers, Get Face Time, Boost Your Sales

By Dan S. Kennedy

A powerful sales letter is the ultimate marketing tool. Yet, most sales letters end up getting thrown in the junk mail pile. “The Ultimate Sales Letter, 3rd Edition” shows readers how to write letters that get read, generate leads, and make money. This guide teaches readers a step-by-step system for writing sales letters any business can use – designed by one of the most successful and highly paid professional direct-response copywriters in the country.

Our Review

Today’s book review is by Dan Kennedy and it’s called The Ultimate Sales Letter.

Like any business, it’s a skill you really need to understand and be good at, unless you want to hire a third party copywriter to do your marketing messages. Dan Kennedy absolutely nails the steps you need to go through to write a really good sales letter. And this skill is transferable. Copywriting, in general, is probably one of the number one skills I recommend anyone who’s got a business or thinking of setting up a business to do.

Dan Kennedy really goes through step by step from the headline to the PS at the bottom all the things you need to really include in a classic sales letter to do things.

Obviously there’s a lot of different formats of sales letter these days. There are video sales letters, long-form sales letters, which are the written ones. Dan’s pretty old school, he’s been going a long time, and probably a more to the old school, the long-form sales letter, which works incredibly well. Don’t dismiss those as working. But really it is things like the 12 best headline formulas, how to build a customer database, and he’s got a section on how to use online stuff.

So definitely something I would recommend. Some really good examples inside it of past case studies, some of the results, why he’s done it. Again, you can see here, it’s one of these books I’ve read a few times. I always put these little note markers in them for stuff I want to refer back to them.

Dan’s a big proponent of direct mail, and again, direct mail, if it’s something you’re not doing at the moment, it’s one of the things I talk to all my clients about is start using different media channels to market to your audience. Because if you’re relying solely on email, then you’re missing a huge opportunity. Because sadly, only 20, 25% of people are actually opening your emails. And I see that trend to get worse over time. So a great book.

Definitely, one that I would read as soon as possible to improve your copywriting skills.

Key Points

  • Written by master direct response copy writer
  • Great examples to follow
  • Classic text

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