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The more I know about you and your business BEFORE we speak the more time I can spend helping you and the more you’ll take away from the call.

When we are on the call we’ll be looking in a lot more detail at….

  • Your current sales funnel and the exact steps you are using right now to turn prospects into paying customers. Then once they are paying customers how you maximize their life-time value.

  • Your sales and marketing channels to see which ones are providing the best ROI (and which ones are costing you money!)

  • Some “Quick-Fire” strategies that can quickly and easily implement straight after the call boost your bottom line virtually overnight.

  • Your “Marketing-Bottlenecks” these are the modern day curse of most online marketers. Without plugging these gaps you are almost certainly leaving a ton of money on the table right now.

  • How you can start using the 4x Formula in your own business. This one single strategy alone can quickly quadruple your profits.

  • The “You-Who” strategy – this simple technique now accounts for over 40% of my sales and ONLY costs me a tiny fraction of my current marketing budget.

Plus a ton more.....

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This call is especially relevant for business owners who have either recently invested in (or are considering investing in) Infusionsoft for their business.

We’ll share screens and dig deep inside my own Infusionsoft App to look at some of the actual campaigns I’m running in my own business and the kind of results we are getting from them.

I'll even record the whole thing for you too 🙂

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