How To Use Emojis In Your Infusionsoft Email Subject Lines

Want to use emojis in Infusionsoft subject line.?


If you don't know what an emoji is, let's look at my inbox here, we can see that this is an emojis. And if you just glance quickly down the list of emails that are in my inbox, like anyone else, probably got lots and lots, this actually stands out a little bit more because it's got the little emoji icon here.

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Here's What Emojis In Infusionsoft Subject Line Looks Like

So a lot of times I get asked by people how and why should we be using them.

So let's cover firstly, why we would want to use emojis in our Infusionsoft email subject lines

I think the main reason why you should be using them is it helps you stand out in the inbox. So when people see the email coming in their inbox, having a little visual in the email subject line is a pattern interrupt. If used correctly and used sparingly, they can help get your open rates up. But like anything else, it's really, really important that you test these things in your marketing.

But we have found with clients I've been working with over the last couple of years, that we're seeing anything from an 8 to a 15% more open rate using emojis. This varies from industry to industry, but as a broad brushstroke figure, it's anywhere from 8 to about 15% better open rates. So again, it's one of those things that you should test and definitely try it in your marketing.

So How Do We Get Emojis In Infusionsoft Emails?

So there's a couple of websites I recommend you go to to get emojis and I'm going to basically put the link below the video so you can get those.

This is one of the sites which is, and there's another one which is Personally, I prefer Get Emoji because they seemed to have a lot more different types of emojis to choose from.

infusionsoft emoji

Let's do this!

So it's not just a case of putting this into your email subject, you've got to actually do a very simple copy and paste and put this into another website that decodes the emoji so that it's ready to use in your Infusionsoft email.


Double click on the emoji you want to use in your Infusionsoft email.

So I like the look of this one here. So lets copy it, just double click on the emoji you want to choose so its highlighted like the image below.

emoji in Infusionsoft email


The next step is to go to a site where we're going to encode things. So if you just bear with me one sec while I can get this up to you, and we use this tool here.

Go to Here's where we encode the emoji ready for using in our Infusionsoft email

encode emoji in Infusionsoft email

1. Paste the emoji code into the box highlighted with the top arrow below
2. Press “Encode It”
3. Now copy and paste the encoded string into your Infusionsoft email subject line

So I'm just going to put in the code and I'm going to encode it.

emoji Infusionsoft

And you can see how it's converted the code into a special code string to you.

So if I wanted to, for example, for my email subject, “Hey this is great”, so it looks like this, and then if I encode it, basically, copy, go over to my Infusionsoft email subject line ready to use.

I've just got a subject line open. I'm going to paste that in there now, put that to draft.


emojis in infusionsoft campaign builder


Now it's ready to test. I'll send myself a test. Okay, let's just wait for that test to come through. There we go, we can see the test there. Nice emoji in. That's worked great.

infusionsoft email with emoji

So it's really an effective way of just getting your emails noticed that a little bit more, especially in a crowded marketplace where emails are getting harder and harder to open.

Then I suggest definitely testing emojis in Infusionsoft email subject lines.

Here's The Two Sites You Need To Create Your Infusionsoft Emojis

Subject Line Assistant


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