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Attention: ALL Coaches, Trainers, Service Providers & Small Business Owners…

Are You Becoming Increasingly Frustrated & Disillusioned By Not Getting The Results You Clearly Deserve… Fast Enough?

“I’m Looking For JUST 15 More Dream Clients to Work With Personally, One-On-One, Helping Them Double Their Traffic, Conversions & Sales Over The Next 12 Months….”

Why Expert Success Blueprints Is The Closest Thing To FREE Money...

If you get accepted into my “Inner Circle”
this is how it will work:

First, we will jump of 45 minute call together and we’ll go through what you have currently got...

What are you currently selling and for how much?

What your current sales funnel looks like?

How effectively you are generating leads?

What your backend looks like?

What you mid and long term goals are?

Once We Have Those Raw Materials We’ll Initially Focus On Just 6 Critical Areas…

FIRSTLY – Analyse what you are currently doing in detail

SECONDLY – Conduct In depth research of your industry

THIRDLY – Driving Laster targeted “test” traffic into the funnel

FORTHLY – After optimizing the funnel with “test” traffic we’ll then look to systemize it into a fully automated marketing machine

FIFTHLY – We’ll help you build and develop a highly optimized and automated sales funnel for your business.

AND LAST…BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST - We’ll start to scale traffic up into your optimized funnel.

And That’s Not All…

We’ll have weekly scheduled calls to go through your progress and to further fine tune your funnels.

You’ll be able to ask me questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week both inside the training are and inside the private Facebook group.

You’ll also get access to my personal email and mobile number

This Isn’t For Everyone I’m Afraid!!…

Expert Success Blueprints is a “community” for people who actually have something to offer.

What I mean by this is a collection of like-minded individuals who are already successful but who are deadly serious about growing their businesses over the next 12 months.

If you are plain broke or just looking to make a quick buck then this isn’t for you I’m afraid.

This isn’t the kind of person I’m looking for.

We are looking for people who have value to add to the group, love marketing and sales and are passionate about sharing what’s working.

So That’s The Idea Behind Expert Success Blueprints…

We are looking to expand our network of friends and business associates, to share and experience real growth in our businesses together.

So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in applying for then here are the details.

Our Simple Membership Criteria…

Before I get into more specific details…

Let me explain who should apply ….and the type of people we are looking to work with.

First, and foremost, we are looking for like-minded, serious and self-motivated folks from around the globe.

YOU must also have the following traits...

They live and breathe marketing (Like we do!)

They don’t look for excuses – they look for ways to grow and move forwards positively towards their goals.

They don’t bitch, moan or complain.

They are prepared to share, help and contribute in the group.

They Say Your Income Is The Average Of Your 5 Closest Friends??

I truly believe this…don’t you?

One of the fastest ways to increase you income is not necessarily learning the latest marketing strategy…

Often, it’s connecting with the right people and who you surround yourself with.

If you are wasting your free time trying to grow your business talking to other people who are either broke or not already successful then you’re swimming in mud!!

Not only will your IQ drop, your frustration levels will soar and your income will plummet like a stone off a cliff.

This is an absolutely PROVEN FACT!!

Change Your Friends – Change Your Future…

Today, with the exception of my closest family…

Some of the most important, profitable and incredible opportunities and ideas I’ve gained in recent years are from the associations I’ve had with my inner circle network.

What Will Not Be Tolerated Under ANY Circumstances …If Your Application Is Successful…

Expert Success Blueprints IS NOT a place to pitch your products or try to recruit new clients.

We are ALL peers...

The #1 Goal is to solely serve the interests it’s Members.

You Also Need To Know What Happens Behind The Scenes…

In order that you are fully prepared you need know what will happen behind the scenes BEFORE you apply.

TRUE STORY: How She Literally Wasted & “Burned” Over $500,000 PER YEAR!

When you apply I’ll ask you a few simple questions to see if you are the right fit and that I feel confident that I can easily help you double (or treble) your business in the next 12 months.

I use this information to do some quick background market research BEFORE we get on the phone together.

Recently I had an application from a lady in the US who was already a pretty successful coach in a specific niche (health and wellness).

What I mean by successful is she was generating some good leads and making sales. But, in reality she was scraping the surface which was great… or, so I thought!!

She had indicated in her application she was generating gross monthly sales of $10,000 ….from an ad spend of just over $2,000 a month ($70/day) …… Not too shabby!!

When we got on the phone I listened intently to what she was saying. She was really passionate about her work and more importantly getting great results for her clients. (A HUGE tick in the box there!)

She then went on to tell me in great detail what was working well and what wasn’t.

As My Suspicions Had Rightly Confirmed…

Here are just 11 things I jotted down as she was speaking… ( I actually wrote down 26 in the end..)

  1. She wasn’t tracking conversions effectively.
  2. She was just promoting her services with just one single Facebook ad which had been running nearly 7 months
  3. She had just had one single product
  4. She didn’t have an email list
  5. She wasn’t re-targeting her traffic
  6. She didn’t follow up with her leads
  7. She had an awful looking sales page
  8. She had no back-end or high-ticket offer
  9. She had no continuity offer
  10. She didn’t try to resell other products or services to her existing customers
  11. She had no sales or marketing “System” – everything was ad-hoc

On the call I suggested that if she wanted to work with us these were just some of the areas we’d look at fixing and improving upon first.

I’d been scribbling some quick numbers down and I knew she could quite easily turn the business into generating over $50,000 PER MONTH with not a single penny more in ads.


Towards the end of the call I told her just a couple of the strategies which could start getting her even better results within 24 hours without it costing her a single dime.

Here’s The ONE SINGLE Thing You Need To Know That Will Determine Whether You Can Be Truly Successful Or Not…

She was definitely making all the right “noises” on our call together.

You get the idea?

“I love that!”

“That sounds great”

“I hadn’t thought about that...”

“I never knew that…”

“Could that really double or triple my conversions?”

And Now….Here’s The “REAL Kicker”…

When I actually explained everything in plain English to her, what the investment would be and what the potential return could be I she replied in a deadpan way “Oh that sounds like a lot of work…I think it’s not really for me!! Thanks”

The Lessons Learned...

This opportunity is ONLY for action takers who are able to see true opportunity and then act on it.

No Tyre kickers

No Dreamers

So before you even apply please ask yourself this one simple question...

“Am I ready and able to take the necessary action if the right opportunity comes along to help me double (or triple) my business over the next 12 months?”

If YOUR answer is “NO”

Then thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I truly wish you every success in the future BUT I don’t think we will be a good fit to work together

If YOUR answer is “YES”

Then fantastic!! (And congratulations).

Here’s what you need to do next

At the bottom of this page you’ll see a big yellow “Apply Here” Button

Click that and complete the short application form. Please answer the questions in details and as honestly as possible.

I’ll personally review every application.

If I think you’re are a good fit then I’ll invite you to schedule a FREE call where we can discuss your business, and goals in a lot more detail.

Towards the end of the call, and after hearing what you are wanting to achieve both personally and in your business and I feel you are the right sort of person for our “inner Circle” and that I can truly help you achieve your goals we’ll briefly discuss how we could work together.

You Then Have TWO Choices…

CHOICE #1You will see we can help you achieve your goals and feel that we are the right sort of people you WANT to work with in achieving them.

Then…You’ll sign up then and there to join the Expert Success Blueprints Programme and start experiencing amazing results as we start working together

CHOICE #2 – You’ll maybe not see (or feel) we can help you achieve your goals or decide our programme isn’t a good fit for you right now.

Which is totally fine too BTW – I “get that” and would respect your decision 100%..

Click Here Now To Apply >>

So What Are You Waiting For?

To apply to work with me and my team in helping you double or even triple your business in the next 12 months then right apply now.

Let me close this letter by thanking you for reading it and making the decision to apply.

And…I look forward to hopefully speaking to you soon!!