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Looking for a Facebook Ads expert to manage your campaigns? We have a variety of solutions to suit every business size and budget..

Want To Quickly & Easily Access 1.4 Billion Potential Customers??

If you already have a proven sales “funnel” (i.e. you are already converting your leads into paying customers) then we can effectively deploy Facebook ads to deliver tons of highly targeted prospects into your sales process to help you grow your business and profits faster!

If you haven’t got a proven funnel that converts yet go here

Why Should You Consider Using Facebook Ads For Your Business?

With over 1.4 B-I-L-L-I-O-N active users worldwide if you are at all serious about your business you need to consider Facebook ads.

Facebook currently has many advantages over other online ad platforms including:-

Cost – Facebook ads are in general much cheaper than places like Google Adwords

Targeting – This is what I consider Facebook’s strongest point. The ability to laser target your exact audience quickly and easily

Ease of Use – It’s a pretty straight forward platform to use…once you know how

Data & Reporting – Another brilliant feature of using Facebook is the accuracy and detail of information your ad campaigns can generate for you and your business. Once you understand how to interpret this data your campaigns will quickly become much more profitable virtually overnight.

Scalability – Once you have found your advertising sweet spot it’s very simple to start scaling traffic up quickly.

What are you waiting for? Hurry before your competitors beat you to it!

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What We Will Do When You Choose Us To Manage Your Facebook Ad Campaigns For You

Targeting – A member of our team will work closely with you to brainstorm target markets and interest groups as well as create your ideal customer avatar

Ad Creation – Our team of Facebook ad copywriting experts will come up with a minimum of 3 ads for your approval – this includes Image/Headline/Body Copy

Testing – Once your campaign goes live we will test a number of variables to determine the best performing ads for your niche. Tests include images, interest groups, placement, sex and location.

Optimization & Management – Once we have found the winning combinations we will pause underperforming ads and put this ad spend into the winners. We will monitor your campaigns initially on a daily basis and email you weekly updates and performance reports.

Scaling Campaigns – Now we are on a roll it’s time to ramp things up! We can start increasing budgets if you require creating more and more leads for your business.

Landing Pages – We’ll set up and test your landing pages for your campaigns, split test them to find the best performing ones. Some of our clients are achieving 57%+ opt-in rates!

Our "Done For You" Facebook Ad Packages...

If you’re interested in us managing your Facebook Ad campaigns …let’s talk!!

Just tell me a little more about your business so we can better understand your goals and objectives before we speak

Why Choose Us To Manage Your Facebook Ad Campaigns For You?

Because....We know what they are doing!

Damian and his team having been successfully running online businesses since 1997.

In his own property business he was spending $25,000 (£15,000) + monthly on Google Adwords. The team currently manages $50,000 (£35,000) monthly of just Facebook Ad spend on behalf of clients.

We have worked in over 50+ very different business niches including:-

• Property Investment
• Eco Fuel (Selling £200,000+ industrial systems)
• Restaurants, Bars and Pubs
• Estate Agents & Letting Agents
• Internet Marketing
• Beauty Products
• Hotels & Spas
• Wedding Planners & Venues
• Florists
• Online Training Courses
• Authors
• Funeral Directors
• Accountants
• Solicitors
• Furniture Suppliers
• Insurance
• Mortgages
• Coaches, Consultants & Trainers
• Property Training
• Lease Options

Plus a ton of others too...

Damian has also written and self-published 3 best-selling marketing books

Damian is also an Infusionsoft Partner and Google Adwords Partner.

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See What Kind Of Fantastic Results Other Business Owners Are Getting When We Manage Their Facebook Ad Campaigns For Them....

See What Other Business Owners Say About The Kind Of Results We Are Helping Them Generate From Their Facebook Ad Campaigns...

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