Homework Time!!

Thanks so much for taking the time for applying for the  How You Can Quickly Tap Into Over 1.7 Billion Potential Customers Using Facebook Ads Discovery Call  -  You are literally just one step away from working with me and my team helping you take your online business from good to great!!

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    Here’s What To Expect Next…

FIRST: Please complete your homework below. Watch the videos so you can better understand what it will be like working with me and my team.

SECOND: In the next 24-48 hours I will be personally reviewing and pre-approving applications.

Within 48-72 hours (often much less) you will receive an email with the results of your application.

If You Are Accepted You will receive an email asking you to schedule a call with myself using my online scheduler. You pick a date and time that’s convenient for you.

If You Are NOT Accepted You’ll receive an email letting you know that after careful consideration you are not a good fit for the programme right now.

We’ll also send you some suggestions and recommendations to help “Jump-Start” your business.

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    Facebook Ad Campaigns Are Some Of The Most Profitable (& Simplest) To Create....


Ready To Get Started NOW?

If you know you are ready to get started now, then call and talk to one of my team right now. They are usually pretty busy but will try and fit you in between calls.

Just call now if you need any help or assistance with your application.

Please Note: This does not guarantee you will be accepted, but it will give you the chance to start talking to us right away.

Need To Talk To A Member Of My Team?

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    Next Watch...."My Reason Why" Video

After you’ve watched the video above, please watch this short video so you can see why I’m so passionate about helping you!

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    Start Thinking About Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar

Download the "Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar" PDF Worksheet.

If you have never done this process before take the time to really think this through.

(Your market may have multiple avatars so make sure you do them all).

This one technique alone can transform your marketing.

After you have completed this process you will be able to communicate to your ideal audience better and more easily.

You'll also be able to to advertise to them in a much more targeted way that drives down ad spend whilst boosting conversion.

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    Finally....See What Others Think...

And finally, just take the next few minutes to watch a client giving their feedback on the kind of results they are getting working with me and my team


Thanks again for taking the time to apply – we’ll be in touch real soon!!


P.S. If you impatient, or just like me, don’t like waiting (or can’t wait!) then you can attempt to jump to the front of the queue by calling the team directly right now.

You can reach them on ..

UK FREEPHONE - 0800 044 5767

Or....US (855) 997 7488

Be prepared to leave your name and number as they are generally pretty busy dealing with our high-end coaching clients.

But I promise ....one of them will call you right back 😉