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Frequently Asked Questions of Our Service

How Can I Work With Damian?

There are a number of options available whether its part of a group coaching environment or more bespoke 1 to 1 “coaching”.

To find out more about which would be the best fit for you and your business please complete strategy call application call telling us a little more about you. Damian will then review this and if he feels he can help then he’ll schedule a call with you to discuss things in greater detail.

Will Damian Speak At My Event?

If you are looking for an experienced guest speaker to speak at your events Damian does have limited availability in his diary. Make sure you contact us and we'll get straight back to you with his availability.

How Do Your Training Programmes Work?

VIP Days -These vary from 1-3 day VIP intensives where I’ll come to your business and work directly with you on developing an effective sales strategy.

Group Coaching Programmes – This is where you will learn as part of a group environment. There is also an element of 1-to1 training if selected in some of the programmes

Home Study Programmes – Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home. Our home study programmes are generally weekly module delivered with a mixture of video/ Case studies plus come with swipe files, blueprints and process maps to ensure you get off to a flying start

What Are Your Done-For-You Services?

If you are looking for our expert team of Infusionsoft, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords gurus to do all the heavy lifting for you then you are in the right place. We have packages to suit every size of budget and business. You can pre-book a set amount of hours for our team to work on your projects. There are no long term commitments – just pay on a month by month basis. All we ask is that you pay 1 month in advance and give us 30 days written notice should you want to stop.

Do I Need Infusionsoft to Work with You?

No….But it Helps!

Why Should I Choose You To Work With?

That’s great question! We feel (and so do our past and present clients) that we offer a unique skill set in the marketplace. Not only do we help clients we are also crushing it in our own business using the exact same strategies. We “talk the talk” as well as “walking the walk”.

We have an experienced team of experts who will look after you every step of the way!

What Are Infusionsoft Custom Campaigns?

These are some of our favourite tried and tested Infusionsoft campaigns that have worked brilliantly in our own business and our clients. Well build them out in your own Infusionsoft App and provide some of our email swipe files for you to adapt and adopt for your selves.

Please note if you wish us to copy write the emails there will be an extra charge. Clients are responsible for video creation although we can help provide script outlines for guidance.

Why Is Most Of Your Stuff Using Infusionsoft?

The simple answer is….it works better than any other system we have tried in the past. We believe that in order for you to dominate your market place you need to start streamlining your processes in systems (Yes- I have read The E-Myth!)

Infusionsoft is much more than an email system and CRM. The best way to see it with your own eyes is to request a FREE demo and I’ll show you how powerful it can be.

Are There Any Refunds If I Am Unhappy With Your Services?

Because most of the work we undertake is time based, unfortunately we do not offer any refunds. Instead we prefer to work with clients to get them their desired outcome of why they chose us to work with in the first place. We are also extremely selective of the type clients we will work with. (If you are the type of person to moan and groan and choose to blame others for your lack of success then we aren’t probably a good match)

How Quick Can You Turn Work Around?

It depends on current workload. We will give you a more accurate timescale after we have spoken about the requirements of your particular project in more detail.

I Can’t See What I Need Doing On Your Website?

Our website only contains a small amount of the most popular services we offer to clients. If there’s something that’s not “out-of-the-box” just get in touch to see if we can help.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards plus we will also accept payment via bank transfer and PayPal if requested

What Sort Of Results Can I Expect If I Work With You?

That’s a really difficult one to answer! It obviously depends on lots of different factors. We only ever choose clients who we feel we can help. Here’s just a few of our client recommendations and testimonials.

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