Fix Your Funnel

Fix Your Funnel – Seamlessly integrate text messaging into Infusionsoft for your business

Step 1: Open the Door to Text Prospects and Customers

Use a keyword-drivenFix your funnel automated conversation to open the door to texting with your Infusionsoft contacts. As you capture contact information, you also open their mind to understand your business responds to text messages.

* Green messages are automated, blue are live and grey are from contacts.

Step 2: Send Conversation Starting Text Messages

ALL sales happen in conversations. You want more sales? Have more conversations. Stop pushing people to buy and start engaging them in text message conversations and watch your profits soar! Drop a couple of text messages that ask conversation-starting questions into your existing email-only campaigns. It's that easy!

Step 3: Have More Live Conversations

All the opportunity is in live texting! Don't let anyone fool you. If you want to dramatically increase sales, start having 2-way conversations with prospects and customers via text message. Your prospects have questions, and they need answers before they will buy, but they are afraid to talk to a silver-tongued salesperson. Texting is a safe and convenient way for them to resolve their concerns before they buy!

Our Fix Your Funnel Review

In today's video, I want to recommend one of my favorite Infusionsoft apps, in fact, it's probably one of my top three Infusionsoft apps that I use all the time in my business.

I'd say probably 90% of my clients use it. All in all, we've had some great results with it too.

Now, before I get into what this app is called, it's an SMS solution. They offer basically the ability to put SMS to trigger as part of the Infusionsoft campaign builder. You can also do automated messages, which are basically the keyword type messages if you text in a keyword, “reports,” it will then automate a response and ask for further responses and all that information will go into Infusionsoft.

The other thing, which is really, really cool, which a lot of SMS solutions don't have are what we call live conversations and this is basically a dashboard that allows you to monitor and reply to people in real-time via SMS. So again, it's a really cool solution.

Fix Your Funnel

As with all the apps I recommend, firstly, I've got to have used them myself or one of my clients has got to use them and the support has got to be exemplary, can't even say it, but it's going to be great, should I say, should have used a shorter word that I could have said much easily. And Ryan Chapman and his team offer probably some of the best support there is out there for an app in the Infusionsoft community.

The other really cool thing about FixYourFunnel and the team behind is they are marketers. They understand Infusionsoft and they get what people are trying to do and they have built the tools around trying to get people results, whereas sometimes a lot of SaaS companies will build a tool without the marketing bias. So we FixYourFunnel, They understand marketing, they get marketing, they're marketers themselves and they've designed a tool, an SMS tool, to help you get better results.

Get Their $1 Trial

So, they offer, I think it's a free $1 trial and they'll give you something like $20 worth of credit, so if you're looking just to try this, see how it works in your business, go over that. If you need any help, certainly help the team are fantastic and I think you'll get some great results. Try an SMS as part of your campaigns.

Now, one of the big, bugbears and challenges I always say to my clients is don't rely solely on email. Use other marketing channels to communicate, and SMS has excellent deliverability. As we know, results have proven that, I think it's something like 15%, sorry, 98% of people will open an SMS message within 15 minutes. If you're like most of the people like myself, you've always got your mobile phone to hand. So, SMS is one of those channels that work people are on the devices all the time and it's definitely worth a try in your business.

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