Few Tips to Understand Goole Adwords

Google Adwords

Definitely the “Daddy” of search.

Google Adwords is one of the most effective ways to generate sales and leads for your business.

You can literally be up and running in less than 30 minutes (15 if you can type quickly!)

Since starting using Adwords in my own business and spending on average $22,000/£15,000 PER MONTH I like to think I know a thing about the platform.

I currently manage around $75,000/£50,000 per month of client ad spend and I’m a Google Certified Partner for my sins!

I offer a number of coaching and training options where you can learn how to successfully and quickly deploy your own Adwords campaigns.

Here are a just a few things you’ll learn if you choose to work with me

How to choose the correct keywords based on user intent. Drive down your ad spend by ONLY getting highly targeted clicks ready to buy your products or services

Write ads that resonate with your prospects – increase your CTR to outperform your competitors

How to easily control EXACTLY where and when your ads appear. Minimise wasted clicks to maximise your budget

How to quickly test multiple ads and landing pages to pick the winner. Just a tiny improvement here van have a huge positive knock-on effect for your sales funnels.

How to re-market to convert abandoned site visitors into paying customers (we are generating 43% of sales just through this 1 strategy alone!)

How to bid on your ads – outsmart your competitors and pay up to 73% less than they are doing on their clicks.

How to structure you ad account correctly - get this right and Google will love you! [Google Love = Cheaper Clicks]

How to optimize your ad campaigns using the FREE reports that are available at your finger tips

Develop a working action plan so that your ad campaigns continue to improve over time. Most marketers get lazy here and waste tons of unnecessary wasted ad spend.

Google AdWords – Definitely the “Daddy” of Search

As the name suggests, AdWords is a paid Google service that can help you promote and advertise your business and brand through online advertisements whenever internet users type a search query on Google. If you decide to become a subscriber, you are only required to pay whenever a person would click on the advert. In other words, it serves as convenient, cost-per-click advertising that increases your brand’s visibility and connects you easily to your target market whenever they try to look for your products or services on the internet.

With all the paid adverts out there from competitors and other businesses, it is vital to your business that you know the correct words to use. You also need to learn how to make keywords work to your advantage and to test them. At Damien Qualter, we can help you discover the most effective ways to make the most out of Google AdWords so you can gain more profit.

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