Want 98% Open Rates With Infusionsoft Campaigns

Yes you DID read right….

SMS Marketing

98% open rates to your Infusionsoft marketing campaign messages

If that doesn’t whet your appetite how about they also read your message within 15 minutes of you sending it?

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If you are not 100% sure how to do this then it’s really simple

Start using SMS in your marketing


But before we dive in

Here are a couple of crazy stats you need to know

  • The Open Rate of SMS is 98% Compared with 22% of Emails (Source:   Techipedia)
  • 90% of All SMS Text Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes and 98.3% within 15 minutes (Source:  Conversational Advertising 2016)

Starting to take note now?

I personally hadn’t realised to what extent SMS and the way people were reacting to it was so huge

Here are a couple of ways you could start using SMS in your business straight away

Reminders – appointments, events, webinars – SMS works perfectly especially if it is part of an automated follow up sequence.

For those of you who are using a CRM such as Infusionsoft this can be set up relatively easily and can run automatically in the back ground.

We have noticed an uplift in webinar attendance by over 17% now we send an SMS reminder 30 minutes before it’s due to start

Offers & Last Minute Deals – This is a brilliant way to use SMS in your marketing. It works great for all business types.

We have set up numerous campaigns for clients who run restaurants who want to quickly fill their tables on a quiet day.

A really good offer we implemented for a local Italian restaurant was a “Free Garlic” Bread Offer.

The owner reported they filled an extra twenty covers (seats) recently which generated sales of $749 in addition to previous bookings.

Another client who is a high-end men’s clothing shop uses SMS offers when he’s having a sales.

Don’t just rely on SMS

The best way to use SMS is in conjunction with email, Facebook ads and direct-mail.

By using this multi-channel approach it helps you communicate effectively and always be in your prospective client’s mind’s eye.

Don’t make this fatal mistake

If you’re thinking how you’d like to start using SMS messaging in your business please don’t just start texting people out of the blue or you’ll piss your audience off very quickly.

You really want to ask them if they mind you texting (i.e. get their permission or be up front when you collect their information that you may want to send them the odd, relevant SMS every now and again.


Two-Way SMS Conversations

I love this!!

When someone texts in for let’s say an offer your holding.

You first ask them to text something like “OFFER” to your SMS number.

You can set it up in such a way that an automated message then goes back to them ask for their first name, once they reply a 3rd automated SMS is send asking what their name is – once they reply your final SMS says – thanks we’ll email you the offer.

All the information can be mail-merged  so the responses look more personalized PLUS the data could then be saved in Infusionsoft and could then trigger an email to be sent to them with their gift.

How cool is that!!

How can you start using SMS in your business?

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