Programmes for Hightickets Coaching

High Ticket Coaching

Seriously....This is where the real money is.

Al the “BIG names” and Industry experts have one! They generally charge anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000+ for their "High-Ticket" programmes.

Imagine just what 1 or 2 High Ticket sales each month could mean for your business?

I currently run 2 high ticket coaching programmes and charge £3,000 ($5,000) to £25,000 ($35,000). I have also helped several other marketers set their up too.

Each year I work with a small group of highly motivated individuals to help them generate huge paydays developing their own high ticket programmes.

I will personally work with you to help you develop a successful and profitable high ticket programme for you and your business.

Here is just a small taster of what you’ll learn if you chose to work with me:-

Why you must develop your own high ticket programme NOW – and how you can earn 5-10x more than you are now with no real extra work

The 3 essential all high ticket offer MUST have – most marketers miss one or more of these essential steps

How to price your high ticket offer – why sometimes charging less will attract the wrong types of clients

The high ticket mind-set – why you need to change the way you currently think that’s probably been holding your success back

How to screen applicants – just speak to those people closest to being your dream clients

The “Call” – this is the #1 thing I see most marketers get completely wrong. It kills conversion and makes you come across like a sleaseball.

How to manage yours and your client’s expectations of your programme. You need to set clear boundaries from day one or you’ll never get a free moment again.

How to easily get referrals from your clients – in fact, they tell you to contact their friends and business associates before you even have to ask

A simple strategy that is cheap to implement but puts you on a pedestal as being different from all your competitors

How to run your programme to suit your lifestyle. Which model should you develop for your business?

How to easily and quickly turn an existing low priced offer into a high ticket programme – it’s actually a lot easier than you think once you know how.

What High Ticket Sales Can Mean for Your Business

Many businesses use the High Ticket strategy with social media and online sales funnels to entice, engage, and keep customers and clients more efficiently. You , too, can benefit from this approach in order to take your business to the next level.

Our high ticket coaching programmes will show you the way. Know that to make a high ticket programme work, you need to have ample knowledge about your target audience. It requires adjusting to your audience. Considered as a mindset, this business strategy also demands you to make the necessary changes so nothing can hold you back from your success. Furthermore, you need to be confident with the pricing you have set. Don’t worry, we got your back and you will soon learn everything you need to know if you book our coaching programme.

Aside from High Ticket coaching, we also offer other marketing strategies that can help you grow your online business in smart and effective ways through our strategy sessions. We also provide Webinars, Membership Sites, Custom Web Design, and more. For more tips, recommendations, and information about making your business a success, check out our blog.

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