Hiring An Infusionsoft Consultant

If you are an Infusionsoft user you've probably thought at least one about hiring an Infusionsoft consultant?

For many years I had Infusionsoft in my property business. For most of that time, I had no idea how to use it. Not a clue…

I found the interface intimidating and confusing. I couldn’t even log in to send a basic broadcast email.

Infusionsoft partner

Instead, I paid a consultant £2K per month to build campaigns for me. A campaign may only have been three emails, a web form and a product on the website. But it would take my consultant 6 weeks to implement it. Not exactly ‘value for money.

In 2014 my property business was in a slump. I couldn't afford to pay people to do the work anymore. I broke my leg walking my dog, and used the time while my leg recovered to learn Infusionsoft.

Hiring An Infusionsoft Consultant Was Painful

Learning Infusionsoft was a real struggle, hiring the best Infusionsoft consultant was even more painful.

A real pain in the… leg?

But it opened my eyes to the possibilities of automation. I fired my consultant and finally took control of my campaigns.

One of my property customers also used Infusionsoft. Like me, they had been using it as an email blasting tool. He agreed to let me build a campaign for a product launch he was running.

For the launch, we tagged people who showed interest in the offer and triggered appropriate follow-up emails. On the first day of the launch, they made over £15,000 (about $25,000 USD). Not bad for a day’s work!

After that, I picked up another Infusionsoft client who ran webinars. Their email open rates hovered around 20%, so they were struggling to get registrants to show up. “Why don’t you add in SMS?” I suggested. The client agreed to test it.

We sent a text confirmation after people registered, then a reminder 30 minutes before the webinar started. Open rates on the text were between 90% and 95%. Show up rates almost doubled overnight.

These early projects illustrate two important ideas:

  1. There may be an automation opportunity sitting right under your nose. If you’re the business owner you may be too wrapped up in your business to see it.
  2. Following up across multiple channels, even just by adding SMS, is a small hinge that can swing large doors. (I still prefer SMS over chatbots).

More next time.



Jarratt Davis

“..Extremely Professional, responsive. Quality of work second to none.”

Tom Breeze

“Expert marketer…Damian just gets it..super easy to work with…”

Sonia Stringer

Perfect fit!…A HUGE asset to my business…an absolute Whizz…”


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