How To Improve Your Email Sender Reputation

Knowing the key steps to improve your email sender reputation are critical.

Your email marketing results are only as good as your email delivery rates.

Improve Your Email Sender Reputation

The art of getting your emails delivered is a deep topic.

There are some technical aspects, such as DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail).

But also some easy-to-implement ideas too…

If you only have time to implement one, do this one:

Ask new email subscribers to reply to the first email they receive.

In the first email offer an unadvertised bonus for subscribing. To redeem all they need to do is reply with a specific word in the subject line.

You can then use a tool such as PlusThis to apply a tag when they reply with that word.

This allows you to deliver the bonus automatically using that tag as the trigger.

Engagement is one of the key metrics that ISP's use to measure and track your email reputation. Replying to an email signifies probably the highest form of engagement in the eyes of your ISP.

Here's How To Quickly Improve Your Email Sender Reputation

There can be a sales or market research benefit too. You can use the reply to begin a natural email exchange with new email subscribers.

People get to see that you (or your team) are real people who take the time to respond. This can be a great way to generate qualified leads, or simply ask questions.

How does all this boost email deliverability?

Encouraging new subscribers to reply teaches the recipient’s email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook etc) to treat your emails as important.

Your emails are more likely to be delivered when the recipient has previously opened AND replied to you.

Want more email delivery and marketing automation tips? Fill in the short form here and I'll outline the next steps.

Email deliverability is largely YOUR responsibility, not the responsibility of your email marketing tool. It's well worth learning the basics.

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