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Infusionsoft Analytics & Google Ecommerce Marketing Dashboards Made Easy

Visualize your Infusionsoft data in a meaningful way next to all your important KPIs for sales, marketing, web analytics and social media campaigns.

It is vital to the success of a business to be able to examine marketing efforts in fine detail. The ability to be continually ‘connected' to live, up-to-the-minute performance metrics and monitoring data is important for a business. In this way a company can stay on top of marketing viability and profitability, being able to see a clear and visual representation of each aspect of their marketing efforts in real time.

It is no exaggeration to say that this can be the sole difference between the success or outright failure of a company.  It is not uncommon for business to run expensive, loss making marketing campaigns for many, many months before realizing that these were unsuccessful. The net result is significant loss.

But this is so unnecessary and so easily avoidable.

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The solution is your Infusionsoft Analytics and Google Ecommerce Dashboard

Real time visualization of your Infusionsoft marketing campaigns can be the sole difference between  throwing good money down the drain by the bucket load or not. Perpetuation of un-measured marketing can of course lead to the potential of bankruptcy.  But real-time visualization means being able to immediately identify and respond to marketing campaigns which need performance revision. The difference is being able to turn loss into profit … and to be able to do that FAST with precision accuracy!

Integrating Infusionsoft with Google Analytics Ecommerce has never been simpler.  All of the hard work has been done for you. (If you would like to explore other and further Done For You Packages, please see here: Infusionsoft Done For You Packages)

Now you can visualize all of the marketing and campaign metrics which are important to you in a beautifully designed, simple to read, customizable dashboard.  With your Google Analytics Infusionsoft Dashboard, you can track your sales conversions. You can immediately see which products, advertising campaigns, and mediums are the most successful. And all without needing to log into your Infusionsoft CRM.  Valuable marketing INSIGHT will be right there in front of you to see whenever you need it.

Instantly Identify Most Valuable Traffic Sources And Drill Down On Individual Infusionsoft Campaigns

It is important to be able to identify which of your traffic mediums and sources are working the best for you.  This enables you to double down on what's working well, and to drill down on (and fix) something which isn't.

Let's take a look at Infusionsoft Email Campaigns as an example.  In the image below, we can see that (under a defined date), the Email medium and Infusionsoft source was the second most successful means of revenue generation that week.  (Here is a must see resource for you. Bookmark The Complete Guide: How To Create And Measure Successful Infusionsoft Email Campaigns so that you can come back to it later.)

Valuable Insight Always At Your Fingertips

Using your Google Analytics Infusionsoft Dashboard, you can then drill down and explore this entire Infusionsoft Email medium and source. You can instantly identify specifically which email offers are working particularly well over others. This means you can instantly see which are generating you the most revenue. More importantly, you will be able to identify immediately which (if any) of your email marketing campaigns and offers need improvement.

Have you've recently hired an Infusionsoft SEO specialist and want to measure Organic Search performance? Would you'd like to see which of your Social Media Advertising Campaigns are working the best? Or would you just like to understand you web traffic in much more meaningful way and how to create more revenue from it? Your Infusionoft Analytics Ecommerce Integrated Dashboard will tell you everything you need to know.

A dashboard is particularly helpful because it allows you to see campaigns side-by-side, not only in terms of transaction revenue but also marketing spend.  This enables you to see (at a glance) the Cost Per Order and Return On Spend. You stay on top of viability and performance optimization every step of the way.

Infusionsoft Email Marketing Campaigns Presented in Datastudio Dashboard View

A Google Analytics Infusionsoft Dashboard provides you with the ability you drill down on any Medium and Source that you want to explore.  For every single medium and source, you can see your exact Return On Spend,  Marketing Cost Per Order, Conversion Rates etc, etc. You can drill down and explore any dimension you want to gain greater insight into and discover see where you need to tighten things up and optimize.  You can search by Date Range and by Infusionsoft Campaign Name, or Default (and custom) Google Analytics Channel Groups.

A quick note on Google Default Channel Groups

Google Analytics, by default, lumps all Social medium traffic (Facebook, Twitter etc) into one channel, whether it's paid traffic or organic referral.  This extremely unhelpful if you run paid advertising campaigns on social media and need to measure your adverting performance quickly, easily and accurately.  So how do you clearly differentiate between ‘paid traffic' and un-paid social media organic traffic referrals? This problem is instantly remedied by way of a ‘custom' channel grouping called “Paid Social”.  (See image below in the Infusionsoft Analytics Dashboard.)

Adding Paid Social Default Channel Group for Infusionsoft Social Media Campaigns

In this way, your Social Media Paid Advertising Campaigns will now be separate from all other organic social media referrals. Now all you have to do is filter “paid social” in your dashboard and you can see precisely how your social media advertising campaigns are performing in great detail.  You can perform A/B split tests, and compare each of your social media campaigns them side-by-side with meaningful performance data.

How to Measure Infusionoft AB Split TestsIdentify Marketing Campaigns By Name or Date

Return On Ad Spend

Do you want to instantly see if your marketing efforts equate to net profit or net loss over any given period? And what about Life Time Value calculations?  For example, if you run a membership site or recurring payment membership product, you will easily be able to calculate an average subscriber Life Time Value.  Using Cost Per Order (derived from Ad Spend divided by Sales), we can easily calculate a real ROAS/ROMS using a custom LTV calculated revenue.

Your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) or Return On Marketing Spend is undoubtedly one of your most important, top-level metrics. This is all at your fingertips and presented in an insightful, meaningful way in your Infusionsoft Analytics Dashboard.   This enables you to QUICKLY IDENTIFY where you are pouring money down the drain.  And, more importantly, further drill-down provides you with the ability to QUICKLY IDENTIFY the all-important “why”.  Capital sink holes are quickly optimized (or expunged) resulting in only profitable marketing campaigns.

The image below immediately identifies that this company needs to URGENTLY  review their Facebook Advertising Campaigns. A ROAS of 1.0 means break even.  0.07 clearly identifies that this series of advertising campaigns is a capital sink hole and liability.   These campaigns need to be put on immediate hold. They should not run for one minute longer without immediate exploration of Landing Page UX performance and/or possible Offer revision.


Calculate Life Time Value And Return On Ad Spend


Stay on Top of Marketing Budgets, Targets and Ad Spend

Drill Down On Landing Page Behaviour and UX Metrics

A dashboard helps to provide answers to important marketing questions.  In the example above, we can see clearly that all A/B split variations generate clicks but CTR is quite low.  The company has already developed a series of split tests. But we can that CTR is virtually identical across all variants A and B.  And variants C and D  instantly show us that these warrant complete removal.

Exploration of Landing Page UX Metrics and any Funnel Flow behaviour will also help to identify where and why drop-offs are occurring upon variants of A and B.  Where is the funnel flow dropping off, and is the offer delivering upon an outcome aligning with user intent?  This and further questions all need asking.  Your Infusionsoft Analytics Dashboard helps you find the answers to these questions.  When you understand your audience, this becomes a lot easier. Understanding your products helps you identify how that product delivers upon the outcome and solution of a pain point.

Your Infusionsoft Analytics Google Ecommerce Integration – What Will You Get?

Tracking Infusionsoft with Google Analytics, and cross-domain tracking over your Infusionsoft Order Forms is noted as being notoriously difficult!

The good news is that everything will be done for you.  No headaches, no coding, no “expert level” configurations, no potential to get anything wrong.   Here is what you'll get:

  1. An Infusionsoft API Plugin.  This will connect to Infusionsoft and send all transaction data to GA (Google Analytics) Ecommerce.
  2. Google Analytics all set up and configured
  3. Google Tag Manager all set up and configured. This is what will handle the cross-domain tracking of your Infusionsoft Order Forms
  4. Google Data Studio Infusionsoft Ecommerce Dashboard.  This is fully customizable for your own specific business needs.
  5. You will also get an Instruction Manual and Essential Guide to measuring all of your marketing campaigns.  This is invaluable and EXCLUSIVE content you will not find anywhere else.



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