Infusionsoft Form Builder and Typeform – How To Video

In today's video, I want to share with you how I personally use Infusionsoft and Typeform to get 70%+ form conversion rates. We are talking sheer Infusionsoft Form Builder and automation excellence here.

70%  completion might not sound too significant in itself. However, when you realize I am asking the prospect to complete over 20 questions, then I'm sure you'll appreciate how good this form completion conversion really is.

Typeform is a phenomenal Infusionsoft form building application. Allow me to show you a little bit more about it in the video below.  These conversion rates are amazing, and you'll see this in the video. I want to show you precisely how you can achieve the same results.

Infusionsoft Form Builder and Typeform – How To Video 1

How To Create A Typeform With Infusionsoft – How To Video 2

Typeform & Zapier – How To Video 3


Infusionsoft Form Builder Optimization

Straight out of the box, Infusionsoft form builders are good. For simple web forms, that is. But they're certainly not great or optimum for more advanced requirements and longer, multiple-question forms. Nor do they help facilitate effortless Infusionsoft Automation. And I don't know about you, but I love and need the benefits of automation in my business.

In the past I've read comments online such as Infusionsoft forms are pretty crap. The contention here is that (for longer, multiple step forms), they don't lead to high conversions.  And this is a fair comment.  I would agree with this entirely.  So where more advanced requirements are needed, we tend to use Typeform.  This is especially true in application and uses where we need to collect more information from the user.


The Process Outlined, Step-By-Step

Inside the Infusionsoft administration panel, select Lead Forms, which is an application produced by LeadPages.

Next, click the schedule button.  The first part of the form will load on your screen.  You will instantly see that this form is much more nicely styled than the basic Infusionsoft forms.  As we click schedule we will then be taken directly into the CRM itself.   What is happening in step one of the form is that data is being passed to Infusionsoft, and then being redirected to Typeform. It's actually very neat!

Typeform and Infusionsoft Integration and merged form data

Complex Form Logic Executed Simply

As you saw in the video (and as you can see in the image above, too) the user's name has been automatically merged into the form.   The next great feature of Typeform is found in the capacity of it's built in ‘logic'.

Do you remember those interactive adventure story books? And in fact, even games and TV programmes and kids cartoons can be “interactive” in exactly the same way nowadays.  Basically you have to select an option from a multiple choice list.  Your decision will then take you on a unique path, and that path's outcome will be based entirely and exclusively on that previous choice you made.

The built in logic of Typeform is just like that.  If you choose red apples, you'll go one way in the form; if you select yellow bananas, you'll go an entirely different route.   It sounds fairly basic, but this feature is incredibly powerful when building complex forms.  The point to note in this is that TypeForm has made this exceptionally easy for to you accomplish.  It really has taken all of the legwork, complexity and hard labour out of complex form building for you.

Obviously, segmentation is key. I have discussed this in a previous post.  So feel free to explore that later, if you wish: segmentation is key

The Routing Power of Segmentation

Typeform  comes loaded with the potential for high conversion/completion rate percentages. This is owing to the routing power of efficient segmentation.  Within these forms, we ask a lot of questions.  When the form has been completed, and when the final output is produced, we are presented with clean, merged data which we can instantly use. This is powerful.

For example, imagine that you are now following up a lead on the phone. The data is right there in front of you, and there is nothing to sift through or that you have to ‘decipher'.  This helps to make  the customer feel that you ‘know' about their enquiry/business circumstances extremely well.

And, of course,  that's because you do.  You haven't had to sift through and decipher data, or risk tripping over something as if you're still “learning” about the customer's unique circumstances.  And that really does make a huge difference. Again, this is another direct benefit of using Infusionsoft automation methods effectively. They make your life and your work so much easier.  Effortless, even.

Follow-Up Scheduling

Typeform will automatically ask you to define a date and time in your schedule to follow up on the collected form data. All of the has data has been merged. This makes for a really clean, fast and slick process! You will automatically be notified when it's time to make that follow up.  There are plenty of configurations here that you can tweak and play with to suit your needs. That's another great benefit here: the degree of Infusionsoft automation that you want to deploy in your business is under your full control.

We Pass Data So That The User Experience Works

User experience (UX) is important and could never really be overstated.  It matters in terms of SEO; and it also matters in the bottom line of your acquisition conversions over the entire range of default channel groups. But it doesn't stop mattering there. Because it also matters again to aftersales and how this process influences the perceptions of your brand and reputation.   Typeform doesn't disappoint here either. It can even help you with at least of some of this, and help facilitate a much smoother, fluid and congruent user experience.

You see, with a lot of apps out there, you need to pass data through multiple and independent forms of logic which make the entirety of your platform environment.  You know, one app for this, one app for that, and then you attempt to integrate it all together. Sometimes this can be done with great success (if the the apps are compatible and well supported).  But then then in other instances this just won't work out so well, no matter how hard you try.  One attendant risk of passing your website users through multiple apps is that the form data doesn't merge correctly, or at all.  You can end up with missing and/or inaccurate data, wrong links and redirects in the forms.  In a nutshell: all sorts of total mess.  Fortunately, Typeform handles it all perfectly, and it does it seamlessly and effectively.

The Infusionsoft Typeform Backend

As you can see in the image below, the form is completed and is running live.  The database has propagated with real data respective to this form. The metric overview and summary is exactly what you will see with your forms as you create and publish them in the backend of Infusionsoft.

So … what do you think to these kind of results?  This is not achievable with just any ‘ole Infusionsoft form builder.  A great deal of thought and development has gone into this app. Personally I believe that marketing is made successful only once it becomes “measured” and when insight is data driven.  I'm sure that there aren't too many people around in this industry that would ever disagree with that.

Analytics obviously plays a core and integral role in this. In the following link provided, you can read more about integrating Infusionsoft and Google Analytics and how to make this often huge and complex task seamless and simple instead. Feel free to bookmark and explore it later.

70% conversion rate with Typeform integrated with Infusionsoft

Over 70% Completions with TypeForm

A 70& completion rate is good.  And I can't say that I have been able to manage that with any other form builder integrated as a component of Infusionsoft Automation.

As you will see in the image above, we are requesting that people take up a fair and considerable portion of their time to fill out and complete this form.  And this is never an easy ask in today's fast-paced information age!  Yet with an average completion time of 7 minutes,  we're are getting a 70% completion rate. This is both across both desktop and mobile devices.  If facts be known, the completion rate is actually higher across mobile devices, which is an interesting observation.  Typefom will present you with this ‘vital metrics' overview, which you can then drill down upon for further and meaningful insight.

Infusionsoft & TypeForm – A Match Made in Heaven

Success truly is dependent on which Infusionsoft Form Builder you use. So I would like to demonstrate yet more capacity and great potential with Infusionsoft and Typeform, and how they work so well and synergistically together.  It really is a match made in heaven.

In the next video I'm going to show you how you set all of this up so that everything works perfectly in a way that facilitates a much-enhanced user experience.  This next implementation  works with Infusionsoft and Typeform so that you can pull any information you want (from either Typeform or Infusionsoft) and how to kick-off and super-charge any infusionsoft automation that you want!  Approximately speaking, this automation will double your profitability in about 90 days or less.

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