Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Goals

In this video, I'll explain how to strategically set up your campaigns in Infusionsoft in particular, Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Goals.


I just want to show you how goals work in Infusionsoft. This is more of a strategic type of Infusionsoft training video. This is an initial video, just for probably aimed more for beginners and how Infusionsoft works based on goals.

I'm just going to draw out on the whiteboard of a very simple example, just to show you, in theory, how things work with Infusionsoft campaign builder.

Let's say, for example, you're going to do a webinar and in this sequence here is our invite or webinar registration sequence. The next goal along would be to get people to register for our webinar, so I'm just going to cut register, reg webinar. Then the next goal will be to remind, that's to remind them to attend.

What Is The Ideal Campaign Path?

What I would recommend is we would then, in the end, is have they attended or have they missed the webinar?

So they either attend or missed the webinar. Then potentially, after the event, we're going to have a sale sequence and this could be booking an appointment, or it could be actually a physical product. Then at the end, we've got our buy and then we'd go into onboarding.

The way Infusionsoft works and what I suggest you do before you get into the Infusionsoft campaign builder, is you think strategically what the campaign is meant to do, what are your goals from the campaign. Also, what I suggest is keeping campaigns very short. I see so many apps… I managed to do Infusionsoft consulting for these huge things, which if anything goes wrong, it's an absolute nightmare to try and find the problems and troubleshoot them.

So I like to keep things really simple, really neat and it's been far easier than to track what's going on with things.

So we've got an invite sequence and, I'm being very simplistic here, this might be a series of three emails, again with Infusionsoft. If someone registered with the first email, they wouldn't get emails two and email three. Again, if your registered email didn't register email one, but registered email two, then they wouldn't get email three. That's fine.

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Goals

Now let's assume, let's take the path of least resistance.

They're going to do exactly what we want them to do so they're going to register so they go onto register for the webinar. Then we're going to remind them to attend so, again, could be a series of three emails. The goal here is we want them to attend the webinar.

Now what happens obviously is if they miss the webinar? Again, we're going to come back to that in just a second. So if they've attended, this is what we want them to do. We push them into the post-webinar sales sequence and then, ultimately, they buy what we are selling on our webinar. So that path there is the sort of path of least resistance. That's our ideal customer journey through the webinar sequence.

But what happens here if someone doesn't register for the webinar? So if they don't register, I'm just going to go down here, if they don't register for the webinar, not reg, anyone in that sequence will not move this way so that they're just going to be stuck in that sequence. So then if we move to the next sequence here, if they have registered for the webinar, then our goal is if they've attended, that's fine, they've gone onto the sales sequence. But if they haven't, then they've missed.

Then if they haven't bought, then we're going to go, not bought. You can see that not bought.

So what do we do in these sequences?

I'll give you some ideas of what you could do in these sequences. If someone hasn't registered for the webinar, then you might want to leave a delay timer.

So you might want to leave a delay at the start of the sequence in the sequence here, so a timer, look like a clock, not a very good clock, in the sequence.

It's not a goal, by the way. It will be in the sequence maybe three or four days. Then you could actually then push them to the sales sequence, so excuse my drawing here, bang, you can push them into a sales sequence if you wanted to. Or you could do an Encore sequence. You could have a webinar Encore next week, and then you could re-invite them back to that sequence and start them, loop them around again. You may only want to do that once.

So if they don't attend, what we're going to do? Well, they've missed so we could put them into a sales sequence. But again, it depends what you're saying on the webinar, whether they need to watch the webinar to be able to purchase, to make that decision to buy. Or again, if they miss the webinar, what we might do is we might put them into an Encore sequence and invite them back.

So we've got two options. We can either send them up here to re-register for the webinar, we could try a 1-click webinar registration, or people down here, back to re-invite for a webinar.

Then if they don't buy, what we're going to do then?

Well, it may be then after that, if they've not bought, they come down here and then we may have a sales sequence or a sales sequence, which may be a split pack. This works really well for higher-priced items where say it was a thousand dollars. You might want to offer a three-pay or three payments of $397, something like that.

infusionsoft campaign builder goals

Again, that can help push more sales because you're finding the path, what people are doing if they don't follow your exact customer journey, which is this path here.

So, again, I just wanted to give you some ideas.

You've got this very straight linear path here, but unfortunately, people being people, don't often follow that linear journey. With Infusionsoft, what you don't want to do is you don't want people stuck if they don't reach your goal. You've got to think of a contingency plan to move them forward or to move them into another campaign. I would always start with the ideal journey, which is usually a very straight line like that. It'd be great if all our clients did that. But then we get into this much more, not messy, but more deviation from the main Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Goals sequence to try and cater for human behavior, which is incredibly important. This is where you make the real money with your Infusionsoft campaigns.

So hope you enjoyed it.

If you need any help thinking strategically about what you want to do in your business, again, this would work for any particular sales sequence.

I've just used the webinar one. You just want to plan, firstly, what the ideal customer journey is. Then secondly, what are the potential deviations in each of those sections, if you've got a number of goals that they need to achieve to reach the end goal, which is either ultimately to purchase or book an appointment, whatever it might be, for your business.

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