Let Experts Review Your Infusionsoft Campaign Strategies

Infusionsoft Campaign Review

Get “1-to-1” expert assistance from one of our Infusionsoft Certified Partners

Definately one of the most powerful and poorly used functions in Infusionsoft is Campaign Builder.

Most users are only scraping the surface with the functionality and sheer profit potential it can provide.

Our experts will help you map out in detail an overview of your campaign and then walk through how to set things up in your app.

Recommended For:- Existing Infusionsoft users who now want to start building out automated email sequences.

Consider This Service If… You would like to automate your follow-up sequencing in Infusionsoft Infusionsoft can be a bit daunting at first and from our experience users will have questions that they might have that are holding them back.

We now have a solution to make sure you’re always covered!

Get your most important questions answered right now!

Sleep sounder in your bed at night knowing you have the solution.

Key Benefits Include...

  • 2 x 1 hour “1 to 1” sessions with one of our in house Infusionsoft experts Now more waiting around to find a solution. A personalised, printable template that includes:-
  • Follow Up Scheduling (delay timers)
  • Detailed suggestions and recommendations for each piece of the sequence
  • Additional recommendations including tagging, triggers and automation
  • Get specific, personalised help on any aspect of using your Infusionsoft application
  • Have both sessions recorded to refer back later to after the call

Bring all your marketing in one place for better control.

I have been personally using Infusionsoft now for the last eight years and have tried a ton of other CRM systems out there – nothing comes close to Infusionsoft!

OK, I have to be honest, it’s not perfect, but…. any simple flaws are outweighed by its sheer power when used properly.

Most users are only using a tiny portion of its capabilities in their businesses (I did myself for nearly 6 years too!)

So if you want to find out more of how Infusionsoft could help streamline your business then let’s jump on a call and I’ll give you a FREE demo and make some suggestions how you could quickly start implementing it in your own business.

Please Also Note

  • This is limited to 2 x 60-minute calls.
  • Additional blocks of time can be purchased separately at $200/hour.
  • All services are non-refundable and will expire within 60 days of purchase.

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