Tom Breeze

“Hi, my name is Tom Breeze, and I run a video ad agency called Viewability. This video is a testimonial for Infusionsoft expert Damian Qualter.”

“A few years ago, I think it was, we decided to invest in Infusionsoft. I remember that first month of trying to understand how Infusionsoft works, it was very difficult.

Myself and the team, trying to wrap our heads around it. Once we started understanding exactly what we could do, it felt very limited, from our knowledge. We didn't feel confident with the platform itself.

I didn't really want to pay my staff to go out and be trained in Infusionsoft. My staff had trained in other areas and I want them to focus on what they're good at. So, I did my research and I had a few contacts that I got in touch with, and said, “Look, do you know anyone who's an absolute expert at Infusionsoft, but also understands the marketing side of things?

So, it's not just someone who's an IT guy, who can put together what we asked them to. It's someone who actually understands the marketing behind it and can suggest different strategies.”

And one person, that I know very well, recommended Damian and said, “He's the guy to go to.”

I Contacted Damian…

I'm so glad that I was introduced to him, because Damian is one of those guys who just gets it, from a standpoint of the marketing, and then also the Infusionsoft implementation. When we have a chat with Damien now, it's more a case of I'll say to him, “Damian, I'm looking to try and do this.”

And the great thing is, is that Damian will go and do that.

I don't need to get into all the technical detail with Damian, he understands what I'm looking for. He'll ask all the right questions and he'll go and build it. He does it very quickly. He's very personable, and just understands marketing, and understands what Infusionsoft can do. And he's that bridge between the two so that when you're working with Damian, it just feels so much easier.

Damian's a great guy. He's very personable and one of those people that gets the job done properly, and gets it done on time as well. Very good at communicating, and very easy to work with.
As such, whenever I'm asked who would I recommend for Infusionsoft, it's definitely Damian every time because he's one of those people that just know what to do.

He's worked on so many different Infusionsoft campaigns and can use that knowledge to suggest what to do, based on his existing knowledge from working with lots of different clients. So, if you're thinking about getting someone to help with Infusionsoft, Damian's definitely the guy to go to, and I thoroughly recommend him. Definitely, someone that we really, really value in the business.”

Tom Breeze

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Jarratt Davis
“..Extremely Professional, responsive. Quality of work second to none.”

Tom Breeze
“Expert marketer…Damian just gets it..super easy to work with…”

Sonia Stringer
Perfect fit!…A HUGE asset to my business…an absolute Whizz…”


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