How To Choose An Infusionsoft Consultant

How To Choose An Infusionsoft Consultant

In today's video, I want to help you find the process we found has helped a lot of other people, how to choose an Infusionsoft consultant to work for you and for your business. And more importantly, to get the results that you want from Infusionsoft. It's so critical, you invest in a lot of time and money in Infusionsoft. So it's important that if you want to find someone to help you, they're the right person for the job.

So I've just done this little process diagram, it was some suggestions.

We often get feedback from people who approach, so our clients and we ask them, “Why did you choose us?”

And over the last three or four years, we've documented this in a process of why people have chosen us above another Infusionsoft consultant. And I want to just share that with you to hope you found it useful to help you pick the right Infusionsoft consultant for your business.

So the first part of the equation is the research side of things. Is the partner or an Infusionsoft certified partner?

Obviously you probably want to work with an Infusionsoft certified partner like ourselves. We've gone through training. We are recommended by Infusionsoft, we have the skills and we can do a good job. Infusionsoft trusts us with their name to provide a service to their clients.

How To Choose An Infusionsoft Consultant Takes Time

Other testimonials. Again, when we go a bit later on in the site, the last process, can we verify those testimonials with actual people that the Infusionsoft consultant has worked with?

Are they professional and this is the website professional?

Do they respond in a professional way?

More importantly, when you're actually… What I find very funny with a couple of clients I've spoken to is when they have actually gone to another competitor of ours and put details and the automation doesn't work, which is pretty bad.

First Impressions Matter!

So does that followup system impress you? Does it do what it should do? Is everything working?

Obviously, if it's not working, it's not a great starting point.

Of this bit here, respond is… Really surprised me after talking to lots of different clients over the last few years, how many people that they've inquired about working with them as a potential client to Infusionsoft consultants and sent them an email, fill in a form on the website and literally zip, crickets.

No one has bothered to get back in touch with them and they've just fallen flat.

Now I can categorically tell you of two clients I've worked with over the last three years, one client has been worth the best part of a hundred thousand pounds, dollars worth of business. The other client's worth about $50,000 worth of work we've done for them.

And that is because the reason was they'd inquired to two or three other Infusionsoft consultants and they're not bothered getting back to them. Well shame on them, their loss, my gain, all that sort of stuff. So don't bother replying if you're another Infusionsoft consultant out there, don't bother provided bud service, they're joking apart.

Do they respond to you?

The next thing before you commit to anything I would always want to speak to them. And when you speak to them on a call, are they adding value? Are they making positive suggestions or do you feel it's a sales call in disguise? When we speak to potential clients, we always want to find out before we actually speak to them a bit about their business, what they're trying to achieve. And probably about 30% of businesses we speak to, we don't feel we can help them. We'll tell them that very honestly and we'll recommend someone who we feel is a better fit for them.

So again, are they providing content that you find useful, that they're making suggestions that could improve your business flow?

Again, this is really, really important, then delight them. If you're going to be working with an Infusionsoft consultant over a period of time, it makes much more sense to actually like the person. Again, and that goes on both sides as well. It's not just the client that is the consultant, me as an Infusionsoft consultant, do I like the client and does the client like me?

Know, Like & Trust…

If that all works, great. It's another tick in the box. Once we get to this stage, probably you may have been speaking to one or two different Infusionsoft consultants, I don't know, and you're going to be whittling out as they go through this process, who's going to get to the final stage? At the final stage is there clear pricing. You know, are they going to give you a fixed quote? Are they going to give you a monthly or so many hours of the upfront about how they're going to charge with you again? One of the complaints I've heard from clients is they've worked with other Infusionsoft consultants and the pricing has not been clear and they've had nasty shocks at the end of the month when huge bills have come in for work.

They didn't really agree or didn't know how much it was going to cost. So very, very important. And probably one of the last things I would suggest asking a potential Infusionsoft consultant is are they willing to provide references? My business, I am delighted to provide any references any client wants. We usually provide three or four different options. They can choose whoever they want to speak to and I've got nothing to hide.

How To Choose An Infusionsoft Consultant

If I've made an issue with someone at the time when we had a problem with the client, we'd spoken to someone for a reference and because we acted in a correct way and we'd rectify the problem very quickly, that was a big positive for the client. They said, “Okay, things happen. It's business after all. It was a small mistake which happened in something we did. But we rectified it very quickly.” And that's what you want in a relationship.

It's Transparency…

So hopefully this will give you some tips, how to choose an Infusionsoft consultant package that fits your business. A bit of the criterion of what to look out for, what to avoid, the good, the bad, and the ugly. So hope you enjoyed this video. If you need any help, just click the link below this video at some point or on this page and we'd be delighted to speak to you to see how we could help you with Infusionsoft.

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