Here’s How To Improve Email Deliverability


Okay. We're in one of my client's Infusionsoft accounts now and I just want to show we help improve email deliverability.

Normally I would charge a minimum of $300 for setting this up, but we want to give something back a little bit to people and help people really, genuinely help people, so I've decided that I'm going to offer a very limited amount of these available. Obviously it takes quite a bit of time for me to do these but I'm more than happy to give these away to people who are genuinely interested improving their email hygiene and deliverability and all that good stuff.

So we pay quite a considerable sum every month for a tool that has been developed by email deliverability expert, Adrian Savage. We have got like a master license so we can add our clients into here and run campaigns for them to check and keep on top of our engagement. You can see here we've been running this now for about a month and the health score is actually very, very good. Most people who come in here are probably scoring about 20, something like that if you're lucky. But working with the client over time, we can get this up. Ultimately, you're going to get more of your emails delivered on time, first time to your clients.

Here's How We Help Improve Email Deliverability

Let me just go in here and just explain what happens, what the situation is and what we can put into your app for you. In the app here, we've got three little widgets that I put in the dashboard. This first one is called an email status and it will, I think it's pretty self-explanatory really, but it shows all the bounced emails, potential spam ones, no email address, typo checks. Really handy this. It's amazing how many emails are sent that are incorrect when people are typing them in. It's not 100% fail-safe, but it's definitely worth you spending a lot of money for, you can see here, this one here would be Gmail. We just correct that and we'd be good to go.

In this client's app, if we just go back to the main page, you can see where they've got about 187, which would be worth, and if you're paying $5 a lead, there's $1000 worth of potential leads in there. Wouldn't worry about not opted-in. Invalid emails, again, these are ones which want to be taken out of your list. If you've got unengaged and unmarketable, these are ones we can't email via Infusionsoft. What I suggest to people is potentially pulling those out and either seeing if there are any buyers in there, maybe reaching out to them if you've got other contact means or getting rid of them off your list. It's far better to have a very tight engaged list than a big list that is half of its deadwood.

Runs 24/7/365

The certain widget now is current email engagement status and basically, there are about 40 odd thousand contacts in this particular app and again, it's quite self-explanatory. Shows you how engaged people are in the last seven days, seven to 30 days. This is never engaged. We are in the process now working through this never engaged sequence. So what we're doing here is we're setting up a re-engagement campaign. So when someone hits 60 days and they've not engaged, or over 60 days, we're going to trigger a re-engagement to try and reengage them. Then we're going to try and reengage this never engaged list. If they don't engage, then we are potentially going to look to pull them off the list.

Then if we look at current email status, this is basically showing people who have newly opted in, their status is how engaged or unengaged they are. So this client's getting about anywhere between 10 and 20 new leads a day. You can see here, they're pretty engaged as they're coming through the list. We've actually just put a new funnel in probably about two weeks ago, and you could see after two weeks that the list wasn't anywhere near engaged.

You'll Be Surprised At The Data It Reveals

So it's something that runs directly in your app. It will continue running in your app. You can trigger automation off the back of it. It's a very, very valuable resource. Usually, you've got to buy some third-party software to do this, such as PlusThis or MyFusion Helper to have this working in a dashboard like this. So as I say, I'd like to offer a few people who are interested in taking me up on this offer this new thing. We'd need access to your app to drop the campaign in. But yeah, if it sounds like interest, let us know and we'd be delighted to have a chat with you about how we could get this going in your business.

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