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“If you are looking for a marketing expert who knows how to sell on line using Infusionsoft then Damian is the “go-to” guy to talk to. Most so called Infusionsoft “experts” may know the technical side but because Damian is using this stuff in his own business on a daily basis to actually run his own successful products and services working with him has been a massive advantage for use. We are now starting to see a huge positive ROI on our investment…”

Mandy Conway,

“We started working with Damian just under 12 months ago with a budget of around $15 (£10) / day. We quickly built up to now spending in excess of $300/£200 day. We are getting tons of high quality leads that are converting into buyers every single day.

Jordan Yaffe, Mayweather Estates Ltd

What really impressed us about working with Damian is his ability to quickly look inside our Infusionsoft application and make immediate recommendations that boost our bottom line. By implementing just one strategy on a recent webinar we generated an extra 11 sales @ £697 each!! Not only has that… he made a ton of other suggestions that will have a major positive impact on our bottom line.

Francis Dolley -