Infusionsoft And Facebook Ads

Heres the 3rd and final Infusionsoft case study I have for you right now on how we use Infusionsoft and Facebook Ads in both our own and client’s businesses.

I think you’ll find it really interesting especially if want to grow your email list once you buy Infusionsoft too!

The client was based in the property investment (Real Estate) market based in the UK and had only just invested in his Infusionsoft app

The client only currently had a very small email list – less than 100 people and wanted to grow the list over the coming months.

We had just brought him on as an Infusionsoft “Done-For-You” Client and really wanted to get him some quick wins to recoup his investment.

From previous data the client had explained that generally if they managed to speak to someone on the phone that lead would be worth anywhere from £50 to £150.

The Initial monthly Facebook ad budget was £500-750

The client was only looking for 30-60 leads a month

TIP: If you are using any sort of paid traffic it’s really important to know how much a lead is worth!!

The client wanted to target the following

  • Males aged 35-55
  • Based In the UK – within a 50 mile Radius of London
  • Who had 10 specific interests – (I’ll not reveal those for obvious competitive reasons)

I decided to use Facebook Lead Ads as we could get a genuine phone number this way

Infusionsoft & Facebook Ads – Are Like Fish & Chips

In The first week I wanted to gather data fast – so I apportioned around a 33% of the budget to finding  out which interests would work the best

This is what we got before optimizing the campaign


21 Leads at a cost of $16.09 per lead

If you’re wondering why the cost of the ads are in $ and sales are in £ – the Facebook Ad account is mine and the client sells in £

At the end of the first week I reviewed all the campaigns and removed 7 out of the 10 interests from the targeting

We then left the ads to run for a further 3 weeks

This is what we got after optimizing

125 leads for $4.15 which was about 25% of what we’d paid in the testing phase

From this the client has already converted 3 leads into sales worth around $3500 each and hopes to close at least another 3-5 sales in the next 30 days.

Total Spend $856.73 – Sales to date £10,500



We are now down to a CPA of $3.23

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