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Infusionsoft – 7 Great Reasons To Choose It For Your Business

7 reasons to choose infusionsoft for your business

Marketers and sales professionals have a tall order. They’re being asked to do it all – with less. They have fewer resources; they’re on smaller teams, and they’re receiving less training to use today’s marketing tools. But yet, they’re still expected to meet and exceed sales targets.

How do the most innovative professionals meet today’s demands?

They’re utilizing innovative tools to work smarter – and faster.

In particular, three tools have revolutionized sales: CRM, marketing automation, and email marketing solutions. Each of these tools helps businesses better understand their customers, increase marketing precision, and grow sales. And increasingly, they’re all necessary for operating a business in today’s climate.

How do they help exactly?

Here’s a quick look at what each of these key business technology solutions can help you do:

Marketing Automation enables businesses to target, personalize and automate marketing at scale. Whether your email list has 100 contacts or 1 million – the right automation platform empowers you to tailor your messaging to speak directly to customers.
CRM, or Customer Resource Management software, organizes your customer data. A CRM tool allows you to capture, store and analyse volumes of customer data – helping you understand your customers better.

Email Marketing: The best email tools allow you to do it all: Create, personalize, and send custom messages to every customer in your database. This saves time-strapped professionals an immense amount of time, because follow-ups, auto-responders, and content marketed can triggered by individual customer behaviour.

Small businesses need all of these solutions to compete in today’s marketplace. And that’s why Infusionsoft is an ideal solution. It provides all the functionality today’s businesses need to deliver precise, targeted and automated marketing.

#1 Infusionsoft Is an All-in-One Platform

Infusionsoft is a full-service automation platform. It combines all three of these super-powerful technologies – CRM, Marketing Automation, and Email Marketing – and empowers businesses to refine their marketing and sales efforts.

You’ll be empowered to work more nimbly and get things done faster.

  • To increase the precision of your sales and marketing.
  • Automate and tailor your marketing for your customers.
  • Nurture leads and build loyalty more effectively. And finally, to grow sales.

And you won’t have to jump back and forth to different solutions. You get all that from a single provider.

#2 Automate Your Email Marketing with Infusionsoft for business

For small businesses, email marketing is the perfect fit. Customers prefer email for communication. It’s inexpensive, and the ROI is pretty darn compelling. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI of a well-executed email campaign is 4,300 per cent.

The key point: Email marketing must be well-executed.

That means your marketing must be: Personalized, delivered at the right time, and optimized with messages tailored to each customer. And that’s what Infusionsoft empowers you to do.

Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder feature allows you to build email marketing campaigns that tie customer behaviours to specific actions. For example, Customer A registers on your site, and that triggers a confirmation email to be sent. You could then add in additional steps like:

A welcome message upon confirmation

  • Follow-up emails if confirmation wasn’t completed
  • On-boarding content to help customers learn more
  • Or special offers to get registered customers to make a purchase

Infusionsoft puts thousands of actions at your fingertips, enabling your business to build completely customized (and automated) marketing campaigns.

#3 Advanced Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing with Infusionsoft

Do you receive quality leads? Which sources generate the highest quality leads? Where should you allocate your marketing spend to generate the best leads? How do you nurture leads to complete the sale?

These questions can be daunting to answer. But for your marketing to be truly effective, you need to know the answer every month, every quarter, and every year.

Infusionsoft provides a range of solutions to help you better understand, learn from, and ultimately, generate high-quality leads. A few features designed to maximize your lead generating power include:

Lead Sources: Infusionsoft’s Lead Sources feature allows you to monitor which sources attract the most new leads, customers and revenue. Using this data, businesses can then refine their marketing allocation.

Lead Scoring: Infusionsoft allows you to customize your lead scoring by behaviours, demographics, and interactions with your brand. This gives you insights into which leads are the highest priority.

Automated Nurturing: In Campaign Builder, you can design marketing campaigns that nurture leads with targeted content, timely follow-ups, and cross-channel messaging.

#4 Target Your Customers More Effectively

Infusionsoft allows you to create richer, more precise profiles for your customers. And that’s the key to precision marketing. Tiny differences in behavior or demographic, for instance, can have a significant impact on your marketing effectiveness. You need a platform that can help you segment your customers based on these tiny details.

With Infusionsoft, the tagging feature enables you to create 100s of “tags” for your customers. Tags might include aspects related to customer data, behavioural data, or subscriber data. These tags can then be applied to your entire customer database, which you can then use to refine and tailor your messaging.

Want to send an email to only cold prospects who have visited your website recently?

By creating detailed tags, you can segment your list at the granular level, and ensure your sending the right message to the right audience.

#5 Organize Customer Data in Volume

Small businesses are sitting on a goldmine of customer data. And this data holds insights that can inform marketing decisions, product offerings, pricing – really, customer data can be used in all areas of your business.

The problem? Many SMBs just don’t know how to bring it all together.

A CRM like Infusionsoft enables your business – regardless of its size – to build a rich, well-organized customer database. Data flows into the system from all of your touchpoints, online and offline. And this data is accessible to your team, anytime, anywhere.

#6 Measure Your Marketing ROI

Infusionsoft doesn’t just help with marketing – it bridges marketing and sales. With Infusionsoft, key insights into your marketing effectiveness can be quickly surfaced.

Does your Twitter marketing reach more people and generate more sales than LinkedIn? You want to know this stat. It will help you refine and better allocate your marketing investments.

In today’s marketplace, your attribution model can’t be one dimensional, either. You need tools that account for every engagement and across multiple channels – true multi-channel attribution. That’s something Infusionsoft for business offers, advanced multi-channel attribution, which can help you continually refine all areas of your sales pipeline.

#7 Infusionsoft’s Tools for Increasing Sales

The truth is: Infusionsoft is more than a marketing automation platform. There are 1000s of integrations. But one of the most useful is Infusionsoft’s e-commerce capabilities. With Infusionsoft, businesses can:

    • Manage monthly or yearly payment plans
    • Receive payments
    • Follow-up with customers
    • Remind customers to complete a purchase

All that you need in an e-commerce provider: Storefront, shopping cart, online order forms, automated billing, and being able to accept credit card payments, they’re all available in Infusionsoft.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Well, Infusionsoft can help. Whether you want to target customers more precisely, automate your messaging, or measure your effectiveness – or all three – Infusionsoft for business, can help you rebuild your marketing and sales pipeline from the ground up.

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