Are You Ready To Use Infusionsoft Opportunities To Close More Sales?

Learn how to use Infusionsoft Opportunities to help, rather than hinder your sales team

Opportunity Pipeline Mastery is a 6-week training program, designed to take you from confusion to clarity. You won’t just learn the mechanics of creating your pipeline; you’ll also learn how to think about your pipeline.

The course covers:

  • How to plan and build your pipeline stages, using a simple timeline technique
  • How to manage your opportunity workflow
  • How to make sure Opportunity stages and tasks are 100% clear to your sales team
  • How to get your sales team to LOVE opportunities, not HATE them
  • How to manage and report on opportunities

The course also provides access to the exact documentation we use with our private clients, to help sales managers and sales reps use opportunities effectively.

Opportunity Pipeline Mastery
  • Live Webinar Access & Recordings - 5 More Sessions
  • Weekly Support PLUS Live Q&A
  • Process Documentation Templates
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