Is Infusionsoft Right For Your B2B Business

Is Infusionsoft Right For Your Business?

We all know Infusionsoft can be a pretty big investment (both in time and money) for most small to medium-sized businesses.

Is Infusionsoft Right For Your Business

All This Cool Automation Doesn’t Come Cheap!!!….

  1. With Infusionsoft prices starting from $199 per month
  2. Added to which there’s the mandatory Infusionsoft Kick Start 
  3. Plus getting someone to become Infusionsoft trained either inside your business
  4. Or, what most small business owners do is, hire an Infusionsoft consultant to help them set things up.

So Is Infusionsoft Really Worth It?

The honest answer is….it depends!!

After working with many Infusionsoft owners (plus those looking to buy Infusionsoft) we found that there are certain types of businesses that are a perfect fit with using Infusionsoft.

Conversely, as you would probably expect, there are some which aren’t a great fit too.

Putting all we know (and sometimes what we don’t know) together we analysed over 100 small businesses over the last 3 years both in the UK and US.

This Is What We Came Up With…

We devised a simple, short assessment, that in the 2 minutes (or less it takes to complete), can come up with not only a pretty accurate prediction as to whether Infusionsoft is a good (or even great!) fit for you and your business RIGHT NOW… But also some other cool stuff too!

No….It’s NOT 100% Accurate

Hey we are marketers not rocket-scientists!!

In around 90%+ times it’ll give a pretty accurate result in around 2 minutes flat.

Not only that, it’ll spill out some really cool custom recommendations dependent on your answers you gave to the various questions.

Pretty Sweet Eh?

So it you fancy giving it a go – did I forget to mention it’s 100% FREE to try too?

So what are you waiting for….let’s find out….

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Perfect fit!…A HUGE asset to my business…an absolute Whizz…”


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