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An SEO Site Audit is a critical process that will provide a detailed insight and overview of your website’s technical SEO performance as it relates directly to current SERP positions.  With Infusionsoft SEO Insight, you will know every WHY, and precisely WHAT is needed to rank above your competitors. Improve your Google search engine rankings today with an Infusionsoft SEO Site Audit!

It is no exaggeration to say that if you fix all of your existing SEO Site Audit errors, your search engine ranking potential could increase instantly by up to 1000%  Hard to believe?  Allow me to show you below by presenting you with hard evidence.

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In The Meantime, Check Out Our Comprehensive Infusionsoft SEO Insight Page

Here I will explain everything you need to know about SEO for your business, why you need it, and how you can get the most comprehensive, most powerful SEO analysis solution available. The answer is Infusionsoft SEO Insight!

Google Search Engine – Its Sole Purpose

Google's No.1 objective (it literally has no other purpose) is to instantly deliver the content which satisfies “query intent“. Behind every query is a user with an “intent”. Google's job and its whole success hinges solely upon its ability to correctly and accurately determine the users intent and match the content to satisfy that intent. It really is no more complicated than that.  Here's an explanation from Google about their algorithms work to identify user/search intent

Content is king – it always has been and it always will be. This will not change. But what is changing is Google's sophistication and advanced alogorithms towards accurately determining which content deserves to be king and rank highly, and which truly satisfies a user's real intent behind their search query.

The predominant tool in service towards Google's objective here is the ever-evolving googlebot user agent directly implemented in Google's Rankbrain Core Algorithm (E-A-T and other evaluation factors aside for now). You simply have to and must ensure that your website is easily crawlable inline with Google's own Guidelines and that your site does not contain any indexing obstacles whatsoever.

Business Goals Should Define Your SEO Strategy

But did you know, the biggest mistake you can make in SEO today is to define success as more traffic. But more traffic should never be your goal. Converting your user and increasing sales should always be the real focus and main goal. Google has extremely sophisticated algorithms in place to determine ‘how well’ a piece of content satisfies popular query intent.  If it doesn't satisfy query intent, it won't perform very well in the search engines. So when we work on SEO, we look at everything.  Such as:

    1. SEO Content Analysis and Page Metrics
    2. On Page/Off Page SEO Ranking Factors
    3. Organic Research Tool Reports
    4. Backlink Analytics & Backlink Audits
    5. Traffic Analytics & Organic Traffic Insights
    6. Advertising Research
    7. Content Analysis & SEO Content Writing
    8. Market Analysis & Topic Research
    9. Position Tracking & Change Monitoring
    10. Social Media Tracking
    11. Brand Monitoring
    12. Competitor Analysis
    13. Keyword Research & Keyword Gap Analysis
    14. Content & Social Media Marketing Insight
    15. Mobile SEO
    16. Analytics and Progress Tracking
    17. And Much More.  Improve your Google search engine rankings today with an Infusionsoft SEO Site Audit!


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