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Install The Missing Link In Your SEO & Marketing Strategy

Just how important is link building, really? It is the most heavily weighted metric in Google algorithm.  But if you go about this the wrong way, you can easily and inadvertantly be downgraded in the search engines. Here are the Google Webmaster Guidelines relating to back linking and
and how a site is downgraded in the SERPs and how SEO is damaged if your site is detected to be non-compliant.

Let's assume that you have fully purposed and/or repurposed your content. Also, let's assume that you have optimised all content, and re-written it in places and tweaked it here and there. All content is fully engaging. It flows on a path which deliberately fulfils a sales objective in line with query intent. And query intent aligns with the business goals; it addresses a direct problem with a solution and ticks all the boxes.

Next, then, we have to install the missing link.

Link building is one of the most important on-going tasks as part of any SEO content campaign. It takes time and effort, but it is important to remember that inbound links are the most weighted relevancy signal in Google's algorithm. Content relevancy is second (specific to underlying “search intent”). The following that you're about to read is a content writing formula which helps you to write quality content which will secure you easy backlinks.

What Does Your Backlink Profile Really Look Like?

Do you have the "authority" score you need to excel your company's search engine rankings?  Is Google's Penguin algorithm penalizing your site because of toxic links in your profile? Fill out the form to see what your backlink profile really looks like. Your free Backlink Audit will be on its way!


The Back Linking Formula & The Quality Content Mindset.

You have created a piece of content and used all of the known weighting factors to tell Google that this is relevant content to such and such a topic. You have addressed a specific search query and (apparently and preemptively) satisfied search intent.

But does Google take just your word for it? No, it doesn't. Google wants to see other members of your industry (the more authoritative the better) show a sign of agreement that they also think this is a great piece of content. If other people provide an editorial, inbound link to that specific page, this is regarded as a sure “thumbs-up” sign to Google. The more links you obtain from “authority” within the same industry, the more “relevance” Google gives that specific page within the SERPS. Really so simple, right?

(In the Backlink Audit section I will discuss toxic links, link farms and link exchange sites etc and you why just don't do it.)

So How Does It Work?

Let me explain how this second step in content production (obtaining the missing link) helps you to maintain tight control over the real value and “quality” of your content. Let me show you how it ensures that you do nothing but create quality, engaging content which solves a problem and satisfies search intent.

So let's say you've created your content.  Are you really confident enough to outreach to to see what he thinks of this great feature that you've covered in your article?

You see, it does change the dynamic slightly.

When you know that other professionals within the same industry will review your message and feature in context (being asked to give it a thumbs up or thumbs down), you make extra effort to ensure you‟re really delivering the goods. No longer do you ever write encyclopaedic information for the mere sake of content!

The system works.  Because image is everything in business and you care about it.

  • You do provide a quality product/feature
  • you do write quality content to align with individual and unique features of that product;
  • you do satisfy search intent;
  • you do get authority inbound links;
  • you do send all the right signals to Google (dwell, bounce, and CTR metrics);
  • and you therefore do climb within the SERPS. Because this is where you deserve to be.


So Just How Tough is Good Outreach?

Outreach is tough enough that the majority of web owners out there simply dismiss it as an integral part of the content creation and marketing process. Most companies avoid link building as a directly correlated SEO task altogether. We know that most web owners neglect link building.  According to a recent study, only 6% of web pages have external links pointing to them!

As a web owner, you want real, editorial links. The sort of links you get because you've got valuable, informative content. And you want these links pointing directly to a specific page of related content and you need to carefully choose your anchor text.  Consequently, other sites see the value on that specific page, and know their users would benefit, so they link to you. Basically, you want to make it a really easy, “no-brainer‟ choice for them to link to you. Most of the time, though, it's harder than that. You've got to do a lot of manual outreach.

Google's Penguin Will Be Watching

Your entire backlink profile needs to be correctly weighted. Anchor text needs to be ‘natural'. The Penguin algorithm is looking at this, because it is not ‘natural' to have heavily weighted, one-sided and off-balanced anchors relative to your entire link profile. Natural links contain variations of words and won't all share the same patterns.  The Penguin algorithm looks at your entire link profile on a set of scales, and it will look to see if it is balanced and if the links look ‘natural'.

Play The Long Game – Because The Payoff Is Real

One of the most common roadblocks to link building success is short-term thinking. Because you have to be patient and play the long game. Spend time establishing those long-term and extremely valuable relationships with industry influencers, site owners/managers, editors, and authors.

It's important to maintain your focus on the bigger picture. Admittedly, you might not have immediate wins.  If you stay focused and committed, though, in the end the payoff is very real.

At a high level, you need to understand that link building and content creation are directly related. In other words, you create your linkable asset, making sure it's absolute quality with valuable, usable features, and that it is well-optimized. Then identify sites that could potentially link to that content, or influencers who'd be interested. It's all about outreach. Because you've got to let those sites or influencers know about your content and why you think they'd find it interesting or valuable.

In conclusion, the above really is the best procedure and this is exactly how the top industry players built their brands and exposure from the ground up. This is also how the biggest players in your vertical continue to expand their reach and dominance in your industry today and why single websites with great exposure and “authority” can acquire and build a net saleable worth of many millions.

What Does Your Backlink Profile Really Look Like?

Do you have the "authority" score you need to excel your company's search engine rankings?  Is Google's Penguin algorithm penalizing your site because of toxic links in your profile? Fill out the form to see what your backlink profile really looks like. Your free Backlink Audit will be on its way!

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