Personal VIP Infusionsoft Coaching in Your Home or Office

Infusionsoft VIP Days

I’ll personally come to your home or business and spend a full day (8hours) working with you to help you implement things faster and better than you ever thought possible.

We can cover sales funnels, copywriting, conversions and lead generation (or whatever you fancy!) - as long as it's legal 🙂

The objective of the VIP day is to turbo-charge your learning and take your Infusionsoft knowledge to the next level.

Here are a few examples of what we have covered on recent VIP days with other clients:-

Setting up an automated webinar sales funnel

This included working with the client writing the email copy as well as helping them prepare the actual presentation and setting up the whole campaign ready to roll.

We also set up the Facebook ad campaign too

Within the first 30 days the client had produced over £7,000 in sales from the campaign and the webinar continues to consistently produce £5,000 to £10,000 per month in sales from a £30/day ad budget

Creating a sales Pipeline

The client runs a property investment company and wanted a way to ensure all incoming leads were contacted and graded.

After a couple of hours brainstorming the clients requirements in detail we built a complete sales pipeline in their Infusionsoft app.

We also started work reviewing their Google Adwords campaigns

The client has reported that lead conversion is up 363% within 60 days and cost pre lead has decreased by 47%.

Sales Funnel For Training Course

The client had recently launched a digital training course and wanted to set up a complete evegreen sales funnel.

We started by “whiteboarding” the complete campaign then completed build out in his Infusionsoft app. This was from the initial opt-in at the start of the sequence to creating and split-testing order forms and a step “One-click” upsell sequence.

The client also wanted us to take over ongoing management of their Facebook campaigns.

The client is currently reporting a 458% ROI on ad spend.

We are about to spend a second VIP day with the client helping them build out a “high-ticket” offer which we both believe can easily generate an additional $20,000 - $30,000 in revenue every month without having to increase ad spend.

Whos It Best Suited For

Infusionsoft Owners who are serious about short-cutting their Infusionsoft learning curve and who want to take their sales and automation to the next level.

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