Delight Your Customers

Delight your customers

  1. What does it take to delight your customers?
  2. What if you could tap into the best practices of entrepreneurs who “get it”?
  3. Are receiving consistent rave reviews from their customers?

FuseDesk Founder Jeremy Shapiro did just that as he dove deep during his Commitment to Excellence interviews.

In this session, he'll be sharing his findings, best practices, and tactics.

Webinar Replay

Fusedesk and Infusionsoft webinar replay

Watch it and learn:

  • A case study of how one business scaled to tens of thousands of paid monthly subscribers yet maintained the “human touch” with each and every customer.
  • Why savvy businesses continue to leverage automation with a personal touch – with both prospects and customers
  • The simple pivot that helped one business rapidly grow a raving fan base of over 200,000. What the team did to support the influx of new customers for their e-commerce business.
  • How each business goes “above and beyond” – and what that actually means to a customer.
  • When to differentiate between reactive customer service and proactive customer experience. Why one business baked that right into their core values

Jeremy Shapiro Fusedesk

As the founder of FuseDesk, Jeremy empowers entrepreneurs’ commitment to excellence. Having developed an Integrated Help Desk and Messaging Platform for Small Business. FuseDesk enhances your existing Infusionsoft application by providing a true multi-user ticketed support system and messaging platform with email, live chat, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. FuseDesk is easy for teams to collaborate, seamless for customers, and powerfully insightful for business owners.

Delight Your Customers

FuseDesk supports top Infusionsoft customers like Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer, Dan Kennedy’s GKIC, Joe Polish’s Genius Network, John Carter’s Trade the Markets, Shark Tank's Daymond John, and more.

Since 1998, Jeremy has been consulting entrepreneurs, business owners and clients on using technology, marketing and automation to grow their businesses. Ventures have included founding a leading online provider of niche real estate data and education, facilitating the Bay Area Mastermind group to help business owners grow their businesses, developing a nationwide multi-million dollar niche information/education business from scratch, and creating multiple multi-million dollar SaaS businesses.

Outside of the office, you'll typically find Jeremy cycling unreasonable distances for good coffee and vegan pastries, exploring big mountains, travelling the world with his wife and kids, and cooking up chef's tasting dinners for his close family and friends.

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“..Extremely Professional, responsive. Quality of work second to none.”

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“Expert marketer…Damian just gets it..super easy to work with…”

Sonia Stringer
Perfect fit!…A HUGE asset to my business…an absolute Whizz…”


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