Email Deliverability Challenge Introduction

Welcome to Day #1 of the Email Deliverability Challenge Video

I'm really excited to be sharing with you over the next five days, our email deliverability challenge.

The whole purpose of this challenge is to improve the number of people opening and taking action on your emails.

Now, we've got various stages in here, which we're just going to go through in a minute, and actually show you a quick example of how these incremental steps to email deliverability can have a massive impact on your overall results and profitability as a business.

Day One – Email Deliverability

And this is critical if we get this wrong, then all the other stuff is really hypothetical because this is the critical point.

We need to get as many emails in the inbox as possible and this is where we start.

Day Two – Maximize Email Open Rates

The more opens we get once the delivered More people reading our messages.

And then it sort of goes hand in hand that hopefully more people will buy our products or do what we want them to do.

Day Three – Get Your Emails Read

Then we want obviously if people open our emails, we want to get them to read.

Day Four – Get Your Emails Clicked

And then four is the actual click has to take the action we want them to do.

Day Five – OverView + Advanced Email Engagement Techniques

On the final day, we're just going to have a look a review and go through things. But just wanted to share some sort of outline examples.

email deliverability challenge

Let's say we have a small list of 10,000 emails.

And let's say 20% at the moment, open.

That's 2000 emails opened.

Then if we get a click value, of 3% then 3% of those people is 60.

So we've got 10,000 delivered,

2000 things opened.

And then we've got 60 clicked.

Let me just use another color now just an example.

Compounding Results

So let's assume that the list is bigger than this was bigger than 12,000.

So getting 12,000 emails delivered 30% are open in them.

In fact, we'll get that 30% because it's quite usual getting 30% opens, and we're going to get a 4% Click rate.

That's 3600 emails opens and then we're going to get a 4% Click rate.

That's 144 clicks.

More Than 240% Improvement

Now the clicks, which is what we want, and we got 20 just that 20% open rate and these slight improvements here have a massive impact on our overall results. So you can use you know, some of these, I definitely start with this that this is critical on day one, which we're going to cover.

Shortly, I'm going to jump over on my computer and go through some tips and tricks that we use with our clients. And I'm going to share with you, and a really useful campaign we can give you to track this automatically. So it helps make your life a lot easier, which is what Infusionsoft is about.

So I'm really excited to be sharing this, I've never actually done it as an actual full-blown training program before. I'll probably charge for this in the future.

What would a 240% improvement in clicks mean to your bottom line?

I wanted to do as an experiment because we've had so much good feedback from some of the tips we shared before that I thought I would run it as a bit of an experiment, you guys as a little bit of a guinea pig and see what results and feedback we got.

So with that in mind, you know, enjoy, take notes, and you don't have to do all this straightaway.

Email Deliverability Challenge

I'd start at Day 1 then maybe over the next few days you start implementing, once you've got the lessons, some of these other strategies into your business, I guarantee you are going to get better results.

Most Infusionsoft users solely rely on emails to deliver their marketing message.

I would never rely solely on Infusionsoft just for email, I would use other media channels such as direct mail, SMS, messenger bots, Facebook ads, to get that message out.

Because all in all, you know, we'll be lucky if we get up to a 30% open rate, maybe 40%.

We really do some clever tricks, but that that means 60% of people aren't opening or engaging with our messages.

But the sole purpose of this email deliverability challenge is to get more of your emails delivered, opened, read and clicked.

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