Email Marketing – The Highest ROI

Think email marketing is dead? I’ve run marketing campaigns in just about every available media. Can you guess where I’ve seen the highest ROI?

Google Ads? Facebook Ads? SMS? Email?

What Do You Reckon?

Email Marketing

Answer: email marketing.

Barely a week goes by without some marketer proclaiming that email is dead, dying, or being killed by something else. I’ve even seen one high profile marketer ditch their email list in favour of Facebook Messenger… only to revert back a few months later!

Email Marketing Still Works!

Why? Because it’s not an either/or choice. You don’t have to do one or the other, you can do BOTH! And email still works!

Email is STILL, in my experience, the highest ROI marketing channel. Even in 2021.

It’s easy to compare the open rates of email to SMS, and declare that SMS is an ‘email killer’. But it’s not the same use case.

SMS is for service reminders and prompts. But you can’t explain anything in a text. You can’t demonstrate your knowledge. You can’t tell your story. It’s hard to build trust.

Email is the ideal medium to deepen relationships with potential customers. Email allows you to sell AND educate at the same time. Email is the best way to stay in contact with potential customers for months and years.

Try Multi-Channel Marketing To Maximize Sales

To achieve a high ROI with email marketing it’s best to adopt a multi-channel strategy. Email is likely the last interaction before a sale – the thing that finally convinces someone to buy. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SMS, Messenger and so on all have a role to play. But email will usually seal the deal.

I’ve seen this with webinars too. If a webinar is executed well, 5-10% of attendees may buy on the webinar itself, depending on the offer. But more will usually buy later on if a deadline is involved.

Email is still your best bet for that kind of time-sensitive follow-up.

The Question Is…

So let me ask you. Do you have an email marketing plan in place for 2022? One that will deliver real value to you, and to your list?

If not it’s time to put one in place. Click here now to book a quick call.

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