Get Emails Delivered – EDC Day 5

Welcome to get emails delivered the fifth and final training in the email Deliverability Challenge


Hopefully, you have enjoyed what you've learned and are starting to put into practice some of the tips and techniques that I've shared with you over the last four days to get more of your Infusionsoft emails delivered

Where To Start?

The feedback I've had from people is what's the best place to start, there are so many different things we could be doing, but if you had to choose say three things, where would you start?

So I'm just going to go through those very, very quickly with you today to get you off to the best start.

Step # 1: DKIM SPF & DMARC

So the first thing I would do is DKIM. We covered that in day one. Then if you can do as well at the same time, the SPF and DMARC.

But this one is the minimum you should do.

Step # 2: Check Email Hygiene

We covered that again in the first couple of videos, and if you've not downloaded or not applied for the free campaign, I can put it into your app, which will do all this automatically, saving you an absolute ton of time, then I suggest you do that now.

Because basically the process is we want to get the best chance of getting our emails delivered, which covers here.

We want to make sure that the emails we do try and deliver are the ones that are not going to get us blocked and get our domain reputation in a bad way.

Step # 3: Resend To Non-Openers

Then the last tip I would do to improve email open rates, depending on what sort of campaigns you do, is the resend to no non-openers.

If you do those three things, I guarantee you'll see a big impact and a big improvement in your overall engagement, deliverability.

This won't happen overnight, but over time, if you say delivered to your email hygiene, so it's 90 days less, and then you could run it through validation. Again, just an extra level if you wanted to do that, something like KLEAN 13.

If you wanted to get in touch with us, we can actually do all that for you. Any of these processes, we can help you do that if you don't feel comfortable or don't want to do them yourself.

Then finally, the resend to non-openers, this is something we've used probably about six to 12 months now with clients.

22 to 40% More Emails Opened!

We're getting anywhere from say a 22 to 40% more people opening by resending a second email to the non-openers, and that could all be set up in campaign builder in Infusionsoft. So hopefully you've enjoyed those tips, please act on them. Overall, this is your business.

You've invested a lot of money in Infusionsoft.

You want to get the best possible chance of getting your emails delivered, and this is where you start with these easy steps.

Obviously, a lot more things you can do as you get more advanced, but these are the three steps I would take straight away with my email list. This is what we do all the time with our clients, these first three steps we'll do straight away.

So hopefully you've enjoyed the training. I'm going to close out now. If you need any help with any of this, please click the link below somewhere at the bottom of this video, underneath in the blog posts, and book a session with us. We're happy to talk about you. We'll happy to install the engagement tracker in your app free of charge. It will save a ton of time. So thank you again for watching, and I hope you found the training useful.

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