Getting Emails Opened – EDC Day 4

Welcome back to day 4 of the Email Deliverability Challenge getting emails opened.


Today's training is a bit of a review day, to regroup of where we've gotten so far.

What we should be doing and how it's all working.

So, day one we looked really much of the email deliverability introduction, so this is what was going to happen to get things done and get things moving, going forward.

Day 1 – Technical Foundations

The big thing I want you to take away from the first day is really setting up your DKIM and the engagement tracking.

Again, we offer a free app. We can drop into your Infusionsoft app to do this for you if you want us to do that for you. So, this is the critical foundation you need to do before you really start on any of the other things.

Day 2 – Email Deliverability

Day two, we covered basically a couple of things, which was some tips and things in the actual emails to help them get delivered. So, the first thing was the technical side to get them delivered. Then there was the more marketing side and technical side a little bit to help get them delivered. So these two together can have a massive impact on your success rate going forwards with your campaigns.

Day 3 – Getting Emails Opened

And we covered a few techniques, such as:

  • personalization
  • curiosity
  • emojis
  • send times
  • resend to no openers

One of the things I would take out of here is the resend to non-openers.

I think that's a really good strategy. We have seen anywhere from 20 to 30% more people opening by doing this one trick alone.

20-30% More Emails Opened

I just want to share one other little quick tip today, which you may or may not know what to do. I'm just going to go into campaign builder. I'll just go into one of my test accounts now. And just go into basically an email template. So if you go into an email template here, let's just pick one of my templates. It doesn't matter which one. Just this one.

Okay. So, a couple of things we touched on the last couple of things is your from, i.e. I would use something like your name or something like that, rather than info@ out or support@ email.

The subject line, we talked about things to put in subject lines to get them open.

And one thing which a lot of people don't know about from the people I've spoken to is what we call this preview text.

Email Preview Text

And this is what you see when an email gets delivered to you. Let me just put… Oops. I'm just going to put a little title in here. And what I like to do is just press a return space at the top. And you've got to be very careful as well when you put in images in at the top that the image doesn't get pulled into the preview text that gets sent to clients.

Email preview text

So, I'm just going to send myself a quick test now. Let's see how that looks. So we can see now that the email… Come in, just make that a little bit larger so you can see it. It's coming as a test, the subject. And then if I… What I'm doing here, just one sec. Okay.

email preview

Pulls in then the preview text here. So it gets the stuff a little bit more enticing to open. So you can have something to help sell the subject line to get them to open. So it's a pretty neat trick. We just having it really helps really improve email deliverability going forwards and something for you to consider.

Tomorrow we're going to look at tying everything up. What we should do, the priorities to things and things like that. Just to cover over and reiterate what we've learned over the last five days.

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