Getting Your Emails Opened EDC Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of The Email Deliverability Challenge – getting your emails opened.


Hopefully, you've implemented some of the steps we talked about in days one and two. We're over the halfway point now. First, two sections are pretty dry and technical, and I hope that's not put you off, but they are critical to the success of the steps that precede them. So I'm just going to go through some other tips though, to actually getting your emails opened. So we're assuming now, we've got them delivered. The next step is actually to get them open. So here we go. So these are just some things that I've used and suggest you try in your subject lines to basically get more open.

Getting Your Emails Opened


This could be things like the name. Again, don't overdo this, you see people overdo it and it doesn't look natural. All your copy should sound natural as though you're writing to a friend.


Curiosity really works well to getting your emails opened. Don't be “clickbaity”. If you don't understand what clickbait is, is don't use something that's going to entice a click that then doesn't fulfil on the promise. God, I couldn't even say that.

So entice curiosity could be something very short and then you follow up and deliver what you've promised on the actual email or the content that the email leads to.

Use numbers

Again, this is sort of a thing, an example of this is something like seven ways to improve email deliverability or the five-day email challenge.

Ask a question

This is always really good. How would you like to improve email deliverability or does your email deliverability suck? Something like that. Question mark.

Use humor

Humor works well. Again, it doesn't work for every single industry, but it's definitely worth testing. Be funny, be yourself definitely. I think so many people are scared to reveal the person they are to their audience. I was really uptight about this and I thought why would people like me? And I'd just be myself now and some people really like me, some people would probably hate me, but that's the way it is, and that's what I'm sticking to and that's what I'm comfortable to.

Use their language

This is more, if you're talking to a specific audience, let's say it's an audience on Facebook, or let's use the example of Infusionsoft. You would have an example that, are your tags in a mess? Or tag meltdown. Something like that. Question mark. So it's something that is very specific to the audience you're targeting.

Emojis in your email subject lines

Again, I've covered this in a video, I'll put a link to an article I wrote about this and a video I recorded and we found that using emojis in email subject lines something you need to test. Emojis work really well in subject lines in most industries, it comes across a little bit more personal to get people to open them.

The email sender address

This is the from address in the actual subject line, which would be from Damian Qualter. Make sure it's something that people recognize. You see so many people who put something in and it's not the brand they recognize or the website they came to. They don't quite understand where it is. So obviously they're wary of clicking through.

Email Send Time

One thing you can do if you use Infusionsoft forms is you can use if you can see here, use contacts time zone. We covered this a little bit yesterday, but if you imagine, normally with bulk emailing, you might send something out at, let's say, American Eastern time and we want to send something out at 10:00 AM Eastern.

Now that would equate to 3:00 PM, UK time. And it would also equate to 7:00 AM Pacific time. And probably, I've not quite worked it out, but in Australia.

So they're not ideal times for everyone to get that same email so you can use this to get the contacts time zone and send the email at the best possible time to hit them.

There's also a great little tool. I'll put a link to it. I can't remember for the life of me what it's called just at the minute, but it will monitor your emails and find the most common times that people open them. And then it'll give you a time to send things.

Resend To Non-Openers

And finally, this is something we're using really successfully with clients, especially things like newsletters, where we send an email out and then if they don't open it within a specific period of time, we resend it to the non-openers. Works really, really well. We found that we can increase open rates anywhere by 30% in a lot of instances.

So it's kind of a massive impact.

You've got to remember email as it comes in. If people don't open it there and then, possibly they're not going to open it at all. So if you send it another chance and again you're not really pissing people off because they haven't opened it in the first place.

You resend it, maybe later that day or the next day, or in a couple of days, depending on what type of campaign you've got.

So I hope they are some strategies you can start using straight away to get more people to actually open your email. So we've covered getting them inboxed.

Now we want to get them opened.

So hope you find this useful. Really would be interested in any feedback you've got, please reply to the emails, let me know how you're getting on with things. And hopefully, you should start seeing some pretty good improvements soon with your overall email deliverability and click-through rates, things like that.

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