Horror Stories From Tinder

I thought I'd share a few recent horror stories from Tinder.

Before this year, the last time I went on a date was over 20 years ago – the electronic dark ages. We had telephones, but there were certainly no dating apps!

I’m recently single, and against better judgement created a profile on the dating app Tinder

horror stories from Tinder

(If you’re not familiar, Tinder will suggest profiles to you of other geographically nearby Tinder members. You then ‘swipe left’ to remove someone from the list, or ‘swipe right’ to express interest)

Be warned: be careful who you swipe right on! Appearances can be misleading…

I was talking to one woman on chat. She looked nice. We had similar interests. We talked on chat for about a week, then we decided to have a phone call.

“Oh, By The Way, I'm A Man!” She Said…

So we booked this phone call at seven o'clock one night. About 15 minutes before the call my phone pinged with a message from her. “Oh by the way,” the message began, “I'm a man. Is that a problem?”

Err, yes!

A few weeks later another woman asked to borrow a hundred pounds off me because she had ‘lost her purse.’

Err, no!

Most recently I went on a date with this woman who, again, looked good online. We arranged to meet in a pub in Didsbury where I live. I arrived early and waited.

As I sat there nursing a coke I saw this head loom past the window, and this woman walked in…

I didn't recognise her, because she didn't look anything like her photos on the app. But she recognised me all right! If I'd have known I'd have legged it.

She had perhaps the worst plastic surgery world; her head looked pumped up, like a doll. I couldn't keep my eyes off it, mesmerised. As she talked she could hardly move her mouth!

Horror Stories From Tinder

So you’re really taking your chances on Tinder!

The thing about online dating, from my little experience, is that people waste a lot of time and often aren’t truthful about who they really are. People waste time hiding behind their online persona when in the real world they are very different.

The same could be said about many marketing service providers. Have you ever hired a digital agency or Infusionsoft consultant where the experience and delivery didn’t match up to the pitch? I know I have.

I may not be perfect – and especially not at online dating. But what you see here is what you get. No pretences. No false appearances. 100% honesty (and certainly no horror stories from Tinder!)

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