How To Create A Typeform With Infusionsoft

Welcome to part two of How to create a Typeform integration for Infusionsoft using Zapier. (The first lesson in this Infusionsoft Form Builder series is here: Infusionsoft Form Builder and Typeform – How To Video)

In this next video in this series (after this one), I'm going to expand on how to integrate Typeform with Infusionsoft. But in addition I willl show you some really cool tips and tricks.  I will then cover how to integrate Typeform with Zapier so that the data is passed through from Typeform into Infusionsoft via Zapier.

If you are keen on fully utilizing the automation of Infusionsoft as much as possible, then this 3-part video series is definitely for you.

Infusionsoft Form Builder and Typeform – How To Video 1

How To Create A Typeform With Infusionsoft – How To Video 2

Typeform & Zapier – How To Video 3


How To Create A Typeform Step-By-Step

The following explains step-by-step a simple Typeform “Demo”.

First things first, you will need a Typeform account. You can set up your Typeform Account Here For Free

When logged in to Typeform account, you will see your dashboard.  Simply select “New Typeform”.  Next select “Start From Scratch”.  A pop up will load on the screen to start building out your new Typeform.

Start with giving your Typeform a name. In the video I called mine “Demo”. You'll want to name yours in a more meaningful context.

The next but all important consideration will be which questions you want to build into the form.   Obviously you are going to formulate these questions specific to your own needs and circumstances.  No doubt you'll need to think about them for a while and play around with variations until you're happy.  Typeform makes this build out process so easy.   As you can see, this Form Builder really is simplicity refined. Everything is point and click simple, and making edits is effortless.  Fun even.

Merging Question Output Into Successive Form Builder Questions

This feature is simply awesome. (For a visual demonstration, see the video above.)  The first question in the form was “What is your name?”   We can now merge the answer of that question directly into the next question. This is the “recall information” option built into the form builder.

So for example, I would answer “Damian” in response to the first question.  The form then recalls this information, and it structures the second question like this:  “That's great, Damian. What's your last name?”

The next question which I have used in my example is: “Are you an Infusionsoft user?” The choices to select from are “yes” and “no”.  After this question, I have asked: “How long have you used Infusionsoft for?   The following are the answer options:

  • less than one year
  • one to three years
  • four to five years
  • over five years.

A Simple But Powerful Infusionsoft Survey Builder

What we have actually done here is create a quick survey.

So we've asked:

  • What's your first name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Are you an Infusionsoft user?
  • What CRM are you using? If they say no, we'll ask them what CRM are you using?

Adding Logic Jumps To Your Typeform

What does Typeform logic do?  Well, depending on the site user's answers “yes” or “no”, the form routes them to the next question accordingly. To add a logic jump basically means that if, upon the question “Are you an Infusionsoft user?” the user states “yes”, the form will route that user to the next logical question in that series.  The form will ask: “how long have you used Infusionsoft for?”  It should go without saying that Typeform would not route the user to this same question had they answered “no” to being an Infusionsoft user.

The last question in this series is “What CRM are you using?”   Upon your final question (like mine above), you can then put up a simple thank you screen at the end.  Again, we can merge in their first name if we like, or any other responses the same as when we created the second question. Remember – we merged the first name response with the ‘what is your surname' question?

At the end of this Thank You page, we can also put in a button link which sends them back to a website after completion.

Preview and Test Your Published Typeform

The next step is to preview your work and take a look at the final and finished published version.  You basically just need to test your form thoroughly and explore all answer variables to make sure everything works as intended.

When you preview and fill out your own form, you'll instantly appreciate how much better these Typeforms are and how quick they are to load.  Again this is very important in terms of UX metrics and SEO.

So, do run through all of your question variables and check that the logic jumps you've added all work and make sense.  Ensure that you deliver on the UX experience which your users would expect.   You can see an example of my live and published Typeform on my own website here:  A Real Example of Typeform Integrated With Infusionsoft   Typeform will remember your cookie client id. So if you chose not to answer any questions and closed out this option earlier, you won't again be pestered with it throughout the duration of your visit.  Again, we're being mindful of UX here.  Below is an image of what the finished product looks like:

Example of typeform integrated with infusionsoft

Typeform Looks Great On Mobile Devices Too

To see how Typeform looks across mobile devices, see the video at the top of this page.  As you can see, it looks really, really nice and it loads great.  In the previous lesson (Infusionsoft Form Builder and Typeform – How To Video) I explained how we actually get the highest of all completion rate via mobile devices.  This I think is owing to the great mobile compatibility of Typeform.

Final Step – How To Integrate Typeform With Zapier

In the next video in this series, I'm going to show you how to tie it all together (Infusionsoft, Typeform and Zapier) and create automation awesomeness!

I hope you have enjoyed this short tutorial on how to create a Typeform with Infusionsoft.

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