How To Increase Email Engagement

email engagement

I'm going to show you a simple but highly effective hack on How To Increase Email Engagement and email deliverability.

I want to share with you, just an added thing that I've put into my welcome sequence. And in one of my earlier videos, I explained exactly what the welcome sequence is. So just to quickly reconvene what a welcome series is if you've not seen one or heard of one before.

The Know, Like & Trust Welcome Sequence

It's series of emails that go out. And the other way I call it is Know, Like, and Trust Sequence. So we send three emails over three days to any new subscribers in our list. And in my case, I'm working with people who have Infusionsoft.

I segment my list so that people who are Infusionsoft users get a specific Know, Like, and Trust Sequence, and people who are not Infusionsoft users get another sequence. Again, this shows the importance of list segmentation, because we get far better results talking to people in the manner they know. For example, someone who's an Infusionsoft user is going to understand things about Infusionsoft tags or something like that, where someone who has never used Infusionsoft before, isn't going to understand that terminology or things like Infusionsoft campaign builder.

How To Increase Infusionsoft Email Engagement

And that's why, if we can segment the list early on, then we've got a lot better chance of converting to them, because we're talking to them, knowing that they understand what position they're already in. So as I say, I'll just go into here and just show you exactly how this works. The email I'm talking about, which is a recent addition for me and for my clients, and it's working really, really well, is what we call the Quick Question Email. Just open that up for you. And this is an email that goes out to people two hours after they signup. And it's basically a very generic email, and I'll put a copy of it below just to show you exactly what it is. But it just basically is trying to get people to engage back with the list. And that is basically, we want people to reply to this email.

How To Increase Email Engagement

The reason why we want to get them to reply to the email is the ISPs will give far more weight to someone who's replying and engaging, not just opening an email, not just clicking on an email, but actually replying to them, is actually a lot more weight as far as the ISP goes.

It's a very straightforward email, and you could tailor this for your exact niche, whatever that might be. And obviously this is aimed at Infusionsoft users. So we can see…

…”Here at Damian Qualter, we don't deprive you of great information. We want to provide you with information that's most relevant for you and for your business. The question is, how do we do that? The answer is simple. Only with your feedback. So please take a couple of moments to reply to this email with your concerns, how you might better. So basically we're trying to get them to say, “Well, we've got this problem.” We just want them to engage with us, because anytime we can open a conversation with a potential client, the customer, it's much easier to build that rapport and potentially convert them into a customer.

The added bonus of this is, it's going to dramatically improve our email deliverability as well. So it's a very straightforward email. Hope you find this useful. It's very easy to implement. Just go back to the campaign quickly. So immediate if someone opts-in, then we get the lead magnet, if it's for a specific lead magnet straight away, and then simultaneously they'd be dropped into this, I call it the Know, Like, and Trust Sequence. Some people call it a Welcome Sequence.

The Quick Question

So they get the quick question. Next day, they'll get the know email, we've gone through this before. It's just a bit about what we do in our business, about Infusionsoft. And then we basically split this to see if they've actually booked a call with us. If they've booked a call with us, just send them one way slightly, if they've not booked to call, another. So each day we send the Know, Like, and Trust, each email, plus the quick question one.

how to increase email engagement

So it's very easy to implement in your campaign.

If you need any help doing that, please reach out to us.

We're more than happy to talk and discuss it with you. But it's a really effective way of boosting emailing deliverability and engagement right off the bat. You're going to get the highest response when people are the most engaged with you and your list

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