Infusionsoft Add Additional Custom Fields

Infusionsoft Add Additional Custom Fields

Breaking News! Infusionsoft Add Additional Custom Fields!!

I just wanted to bring everyone a little bit of an Infusionsoft update, which is quite exciting news if you're not aware of it so far.

One of the problems with Infusionsoft has been the constraints on the number of custom fields available.

Up until last week, it was limited to 100. These can soon be gobbled up!

Most of the Infusionsoft clients I work with are pretty much hitting the limit of a hundred custom fields.

Infusionsoft Add Additional Custom Fields

It's something that I've been asking Infusionsoft for a long, long time to see if there was any way of increasing the number of custom fields available.

Lots of my clients, myself included (BTW don't tell Infusionsoft this 😉 would be prepared to pay a bit extra to get additional custom fields in their Infusionsoft apps.

If you aren't really sure what Infusionsoft custom fields are they can be used for so many different things like segmenting your audiences, getting data, kicking off Infusionsoft campaigns that are highly segmented pulling in data from things like surveys.

It's a really, really powerful way of putting your marketing automation on steroids.

How To Find Your Infusionsoft Custom Fields

Go into your main Infusionsoft dashboard and go to settings, and then go to custom fields.

infusionsoft custom fields

So you set up custom fields, just click go.

Infusionsoft Add Additional Custom Fields

And you can see here, this is just recent update, I was banging around the limit.

Most of my customers are pretty much there or thereabouts at the limit of 100 fields.

Now there are 150 custom fields. I'm not sure if they're going to be bringing alternatives to where you can have even more custom fields going forward.

Infusionsoft Custom Fields increase to 100

I'm just going to look at that, no I'm not sure, but it's a really big step forward.

I know I'm going to start using, as you can see here, I use custom fields a great deal and people who are doing really, really successful and powerful campaigns in Infusionsoft are using custom fields quite extensively.

So this is really positive news from Infusionsoft.

Well Done Infusionsoft!

Well done, taken you a bit of time to do it, but it is a big step forward and will enable power users to get even more marketing automation goodness from Infusionsoft.

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